Trackunit Spot

Empowering Non-Powered Equipment

Work Smarter With Full Fleet Connectivity

Trackunit Spot provides performance, durability, and flexibility to manage your fleet of non-powered assets.

One Platform

Add attachments and non-powered equipment to the same platform

One View

Track your equipment and attachments alongside the rest of your fleet

One Time

The one-time installation only takes a few minutes


Fast Depot Management

With Trackunit Spot, equipment pickup and retrieval has never been easier. Trackunit Spot provides you with insight into the use and location of your assets at all times.

Relocation and fleet optimization made easy

Take the hassle out of equipment relocation or retrieval by knowing the exact location of all assets. Precise GPS location enables you to save time locating assets ready for pickup.

Have your equipment where it is the most useful

Measure utilization and access real-time & precise data enabling you to relocate underutilized equipment where it will be the most useful.

Always An Eye On Your Equipment

Empower your team to shift between the big picture of your fleet and individual asset location. Real-time, precise data enables you to locate equipment from anywhere.

Other Hardware

Trackunit Kin

Taking tags to the next level.

Trackunit Raw

The enabler of full fleet connectivity

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