Unlock Sustainability

Let Emissions Reporting Lead Sustainability Outcomes

Accurate, real-world data is critical in driving sustainable change. To get on top of sustainability in your business, you need the ability to track and leverage critical data sources.

Emissions Reporting

Emissions Tracking Without the Guesswork

Leveraging live machine data backed by fleet-wide analysis, the emissions dashboard for construction equipment is the easiest way to monitor, manage and report fleet CO2 emissions so you can achieve your business and emissions targets.

Emissions Dashboard

Reporting at Your Fingertips

Automated fuel usage and emissions reporting for both fleet and machine-level to drive cost-savings, fulfill reporting requirements, and benchmark emissions reduction.

Sustainability Analysis

Effortlessly Filter Data for Enhanced Insights and Analysis

Filtering by engine or electric powered equipment and machines helps you not only identify offenders to lower emissions and costs, but equipment and machines working positively toward your emissions reduction targets.

Capture Contracts

Create Value for You and Your Customers

Emissions tracking unlocks the right to bid on projects and qualify for tax benefits, plus positions you as a transparent construction leader dedicated to environmental sustainability – all backed by accurate data.

Trackunit Marketplace

Get fleet-wide emissions data with the Emissions Reporting app


All Eyes on Utilization

Surface key utilization insights to optimize machine usage driving performance and productivity every day.

Plan for Productivity

Make Data-Driven Decisions to Right-Size Your Fleet

Boost your asset planning, using equipment utilization insights stemming from line of sight to both heavy usage and under-utilized equipment.

Realize Savings

Proactively Manage Idle Equipment

Save wasted fuel and CO2 emissions by proactively managing machine idling. Reduce project costs by identifying under-utilized equipment that can be taken off rent or reassigned where it’s needed.

Boost Revenue Potential

Drive New Business Models With Equipment Usage Insights

Utilization tracking enables pay per use and rental business opportunities and can detect non-contractual use of equipment so customers can be billed accordingly.

Service Management

Predictive Operations, Sustainable Outcomes

With full visibility of fleet-wide service combined with machine insights, transform your service activities to reduce waste and costs, while increasing your fleet’s potential.

Usage-Based Maintenance

Service at Just The Right Time

Digitize your maintenance practice based on equipment run hours rather than manual calendar-based approaches to reduce replacement and consumption of filters and fluids by up to 50%.

Level-Up Machine Performance

Manage Health With Service Routines

Leveraging service plans to consistently undertake equipment maintenance leads to machines running more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 2-10%.

A Lifetime of Savings

Sustainable Impacts and Outcomes

Drive your sustainability agenda with data and tools that reduce targeted waste while extending the life of equipment.

Maximize Your Full Connectivity Potential
Extend the connectivity potential of your site environment and leverage new data to drive action, raise productivity, and reduce downtime.


of S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2021, up from 92% in 2020.

G&A Institute


of business leaders surveyed in 2022 reported that sustainability investments protect their organization from disruption.
Gartner, Inc.


of survey respondents in 2021 expected their companies to generate value from sustainability within 5 years.
McKinsey & Company

There’s so much opportunity in construction, but in order to make change happen on the sustainability agenda, we need to make data useful for the entire industry. This requires us to get out of our own siloes and change the way we collaborate.

Soren Brogaard

Trackunit CEO

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