Construction Telematics

Connect Your Fleet With a 
Complete Telematics System

Achieve full fleet connectivity to unlock complete visibility and efficiently manage all your equipment and assets.

Gain Full Fleet Connectivity

Trackunit’s equipment telematics enable you to gain full fleet tracking. Connect your entire fleet to efficiently manage a mixed fleet of light and heavy equipment across job sites. Access data, monitor your assets in real-time, and obtain valuable diagnostic, condition, and utilization information on each piece of equipment.

Eliminate Downtime

Keep an eye on your valuable assets, leverage machine insights and improve equipment utilization.

Reduce Cost

Minimize idle time, theft and fuel usage, and extend the life of your equipment with proactive service and maintenance.

Increase Productivity

Leverage real-time and precise machine data to allocate resources effectively, and identify areas for improvement.

IoT & Telematics

Empowering You With Data-Driven Foresight

Trackunit enables you to collect and analyze machine data in real time to deliver proactive, actionable insights that empowers you and your customers with data-driven foresight.

Trackunit’s telematics solutions and IoT devices increase connectivity across construction companies – bringing assets, people, and processes together on one platform.

Trackunit Kin

Track Your Non-Powered Equipment

Meet Trackunit Kin, a telematics tag that’s all about tracking your non-powered equipment.

Trackunit Raw

The Enabler of Full Fleet Connectivity

Connect your powered fleet and tap into all the essential telematics data enabling you to perform proactive and effective fleet management.

Trackunit Spot

Empowering Non-Powered Equipment

With Trackunit Spot, you can harness the power of telematics to gain real-time insights into your non-powered equipment.

Welcome to the Trackunit Telematics Depot


Embedded security is a critical foundation for Trackunit’s cybersecurity in a rapidly expanding digital ecosystem. Trackunit secures data with disk-level encryption and engages with leading cybersecurity vendors to conduct third-party penetration testing of our solution.

A One-Box-Fits-All Solution

Global certification and compliance in a one-product-fits-all solution. The Trackunit telematics devices are made to seamlessly connect all types of equipment and all Trackunit services. It’s made to connect your fleet and grow with your business.

Powered by Trackunit Telematics

Discover the Tools to Accelerate Your Digital Journey and Enable You to Truly Connect With Your Customers


Trackunit Manager

Your Big Picture in Real Time


Trackunit On

Connecting Man & Machine


Trackunit Go

Your Insights on the Go

One Connected Ecosystem Leveraging Trackunit Telematics

200+ OEMs

5000+ Rentals

1000+ Contractors

Telematics Empowering You to Fulfill Your Connectivity Potential

Elevate productivity throughout your project lifecycle with Trackunit’s telematics solutions. Harness the potential of interconnected data and workflows, empowering you to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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