Your Big Picture in Real Time

All your mixed fleet data connected, collected, and presented to you on one platform in real time. Trackunit Manager is the fleet management solution purpose-built for construction.

Solving Daily Pains – Ultimately to Eliminate Downtime

Machine breakdowns, forgotten service checks, missing assets, fleet management processes scattered and unsynchronized across several platforms. Fleet management presents a multitude of pain points on a daily basis, most of them resulting from a lack of insight:

  • Where are my machines?
  • How are my machines being used?
  • Are my machines healthy?

Acting on the Big Picture

Elevate customer experience, enhance customer service, and increase revenue.

Monitor machines at all times and prevent unauthorized access.

Receive intelligent notifications about location, maintenance and damages.

Remotely diagnose machines by proactively using live machine data.

Pinpoint and address irregularities in the fleet-wide performance.



Locate Your Assets At Any Time

Never search for equipment again. Know exactly where your machines and assets are.

Protect Your Assets From Theft

Track the movement of your assets and get notified if they move out of a designated area to keep your fleet safe.


Intelligent Notifications

Know What Your Assets Are Doing

Get in-depth insight and status on every single asset in your fleet.

Rightsize Your Fleet

Understand the make up and utilization of your fleet to make data-driven decisions about its size.

Want to Map and Track Every Movement of Your Mixed Fleet?

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Remote Diagnostics

Monitor Asset Health

Get a comprehensive overview of a machine’s faults to better understand its condition – past and present.


Pinpoint Irregularities

Exceptions Report

Identify out of contract utilization with the Exceptions report to ensure proper use of your machines.

Operations Report/Daily Usage

Map your machine’s daily usage and activity in the Operations report and evaluate how efficiently machines are being used.

“Strong collaboration with Trackunit allowed us to develop the client dashboard that gives our customers insight into the machines they have on hire. A feature that more and more customers are asking for.”

Elad Zohar

Managing Director

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