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Stay in the loop with the latest industry insights. Here we gather perspectives from construction’s brightest minds and thought leaders to collectively push the industry forward to drive change towards eliminating downtime.

– 5 min.
We should be proud of this industry — and here’s why
We’re given over to regular bouts of self-flagellation, but it’s time we changed this. There is so much to be proud of in construction.
By Laerke Ullerup
Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Trackunit

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The Interview

The Interview is our forum for leading industry personalities to discuss the big issues facing construction, what the solutions are, and what needs to be done to make it a force for progress.

Eliminate Downtime, The Interview
– 8 min.
‘Construction is not the dirty, dangerous industry that it once was’
Steering construction through troubled waters in a country as vast as the US might strike some as a daunting task but as AEM’s John Somers tells The Interview, there is more that unifies the industry than divides.
By Martin O’Rourke
Director of Communications

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Eliminate Downtime, The Interview
– 8 min.
By Martin O’Rourke
Director of Communications

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The Podcast

Downtime Talk brings you insights and perspectives on the construction industry and beyond. We discuss trending topics, innovative ideas, and sources of inspiration shaping the world of construction.

– 20 min
From push to pull: How OEM’s connectivity ambitions change
A conversation about changing ambitions and what kind of people OEMs need to not fall short on their digital journey.
By Soeren Brogaard
CEO at Trackunit

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Product Updates
– 7 min
Product Spotlight: Next Generation Trackunit TU700
Developed with industry leaders to propel connected equipment into the future.
By Laura Naumova
Sr. Product Marketing & Enablement Manager

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Eliminate Downtime
– 4 min.

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Did you know? 58% of the construction industry says sustainability will dominate agenda in next five years.