A Contractor Partnership with Trackunit

Mixed Fleet
One Platform

To enable your fleet’s full potential and drive successful projects, you need one platform to connect every move on your site.

Seeing the Big Picture - Even in Complex Projects

Gathering all fleet data in one platform provides you with the big picture. Enable your team to navigate the complexity of running a fleet with assets from several brands, dealers, and rental companies.

A Snapshot of Reality
Endless Interconnection of Complex Fleet Elements

Site Connectivity is complex

A secure platform that has the tools and solutions to enable centralization of equipment data from mixed solutions, mixed brands, and mixed equipment types is the first step to FULL site visibility.

Data Sharing is Key

Working in silos won’t work. The site solution needs to provide data transparency amongst project and value chain stakeholders, along with the right controls to help everyone feel safe when sharing.

A hub for integration

Information must flow automatically to the right people, the right place/systems, and at the right time to be effective and effortless in creating the valuable insights and business outcomes needed.

Join the Best in Business

We’re proud to be partnering with industry-leading contractors to build the most useful solutions for the world.

"If you spread the access to data out over many pieces of machinery across the US, it saves us a lot of time and money and increases the amount that each machine can do.”

Emmanuel LeHardy

Loss Prevention Manager

In Partnership with Trackunit

Eliminate Downtime at Every Stage of Your Project

Choose a business goal and let data take the guesswork out of growing your business.

Productivity Management

Always Know Where Your Machines Are

Where is the Tool I Need?

Give your your team digital eyes on all equipment, and reduce wasted time.

Do I Have Enough Equipment?

Real-time utilization data enables you to scale your fleet to fit your needs at all times. 

What Equipment Can I Take Off Rent?

Full fleet overview shows you all underutilized assets, so you can act accordingly.

Inventory Management

Rightsize Your Fleet

Gain full fleet connectivity

Equip all tools and assets with sensors to enable full inventory visibility.

Do I have one of these on site?

Detailed overview of your assets and how they are used enables you to right-size your fleet.

Access Management

Create a Safe Environment for People and Equipment

Administration of machine access

Empower site managers to manage asset access control and increase site safety.  

Secure and safe machine access

Stay in the know with alerts on yard arrivals and departures.

Site Refueling

Monitor fuel levels on all equipment

Remote Fuel Monitoring

Enable intelligent and efficient fuel 
management with alarms and real-time monitoring.

Managing Safety

Set alerts for mishandling of equipment

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Keep your assets and people safe with insight into operations and utilization alerts.

After-Hours Site Management

Control equipment when not onsite

Remote Control of Equipment

Monitor your fleet after hours and set alarms to get notified of irregularities.

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Experience a world of opportunities by plugging into construction.


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