Trackunit Raw

The Enabler of Full
Fleet Connectivity

Trackunit Raw Empowers You With Real-time Data

Connect your powered fleet and tap into all the essential data enabling you to perform proactive and effective fleet management.

1 Million + Installations

With over one million installations, Trackunit Raw is trusted by the global construction industry.

Future-Proof Your Fleet Management

For off-road construction industry players who want full transparency into their fleet, Trackunit Raw is the best-in-class hardware designed for top performance at all technical levels. With proven designs, trusted technology, and innovation, Raw is a safe choice for a future-proof fleet management strategy.

4G / 5G

LTE 4G/5G, Bluetooth, and global coverage ensure better and faster connectivity than ever before.

Built From Scratch by Trackunit

Trackunit Raw is designed, developed, and built by Trackunit from the bottom up. And it’s built to do more.

Built to Connect

Built to Connect

Trackunit Raw builds on global standards and quality of service. With Raw, your fleet becomes connected, encrypted, and globally approved.

Built to Last

Soak it, smash it, use it – and use it hard. Raw is designed to be robust and to survive the harsh environments of construction.

Built to Scale

No matter what size, Trackunit Raw enables the expansion of fleets around the world. With Raw, your business is set up for full fleet connectivity and ready to scale.

Designed for Seamless
Installation and Deployment

Seamless Deployment

eSim supports global roaming options and enables seamless deployment.

Easy to Install

End-to-end installation test validation via the Trackunit Verify solution.

Low Volt Connecivity

Power voltage range includes 48V machines.

Take Another Leap with LTE Cat M1

TU600 is ready for the future of mobile connectivity, designed specifically for efficiently meeting the needs of IoT machine applications and asset tracking.


Embedded security is a critical foundation for Trackunit’s cybersecurity in a rapidly expanding digital ecosystem. Trackunit secures data with disk-level encryption and engages with leading cybersecurity vendors to conduct third-party penetration testing of our solution.

A One-Box-Fits-All Solution

Global certification and compliance in a one-product-fits-all solution. Trackunit Raw is made to seamlessly connect all types of equipment and all Trackunit services. It’s made to connect your fleet and grow with your business.

DualID II Keeps Your Operation Safe

The Trackunit Dual ID II is a powerful combination of fleet management and user authentication for machinery. Manage access to machines with a PIN code, IPAF, or a personal ID card, and you will always know who is using your machines.​

Protect Equipment from Mishandling

With Trackunit Dual ID you have total control of who accesses your equipment. You can be sure your machines are operated by authorized personnel with the proper training.

Prevent Theft

Stop theft in its tracks.
Trackunit Dual ID only lets pre-authorized personnel access your machinery – minimizing theft immediately.


Increase jobsite safety.
Dual ID II secures the best working environments and provides increased jobsite safety by adding access control to your fleet.

Other Hardware

Trackunit Kin

Taking tags to the next level.

Trackunit Raw

The enabler of full fleet connectivity

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