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Equipment Location Made Smarter

When you need to locate equipment immediately, the Trackunit platform makes the invisible visible so you can track your valuable assets, in just one click.

Endless searching. Now a thing of the past.

Stay two steps ahead and let the Trackunit platform locate your equipment anytime, anywhere so you never waste valuable time searching again. 

Built-in productivity

Realize productivity from the moment equipment starts to when it stops

Leverage a single platform to efficiently manage location and inventory, and monitor movement over time to catch issues that impact the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Unleash time-saving

Gain valuable time spent on manual equipment tracking and planning

With fleet views you can automate finding equipment and attachments across job sites, stop them from being left-behind, and optimize route planning.

Enhance customer experience

Unlock and pass on the benefits of location to your customers

Share location insights and tools with customers to create additional uptime, productivity and savings for them with equipment delivery notifications and location alerts for immediate servicing.

Answering to the Needs of the Construction Industry

30 min

of time is invested to search a job site or yard to find a single piece of equipment.


of small construction tools and accessories are lost each year. 


reduction in annual insurance rates can be realized with telematics and fewer claims.

Trackunit Manager allows us to easily locate machines, set up geofencing, and use other alarms. It also makes machine handover effortless.”

Clemens Sieverding

Area Manager, Civil Engineering

Unify Your

Track and manage all of your equipment in a single platform, from small tools to large powered machines.

Build Intelligent Alerts

Setup geofencing and build custom notifications when equipment departs or arrives so you can seamlessly manage your equipment across job sites. 

Track Equipment Movement

Get and program automatic alerts when equipment arrives or is delivered. 

Activate Locator Mode

Save time finding your machines with locator mode – get precise and fast location data for equipment in the yard or on the move.

Unlock Value with Trip Reports

Gain comprehensive understanding of your fleet to drive efficiency through a multitude of telematics data such as speed, distance and operating time — all conveniently displayed in clickable, readable, dynamic charts.

Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

Through constant machine monitoring and smart notifications for maintenance, inspections and damages, the Trackunit Go app keeps updates at the fingertips of your field reps and your fleet up and running at top speed.

Join the Best in Business

7000+ trusted construction partners have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

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