Connecting Human & Machine

Introducing access control that fits in the pocket of any operator is a vital step to increase operator safety in construction. This is Trackunit On.

Trackunit On is the fast and simple tool providing a digital solution for consistent reporting of machine issues. Because maintaining top machine health is a big step towards safer jobsites.

Taking Jobsite Safety Into the Digital Age

Trackunit On is taking pre-checks and inspections into the digital age.
Placing a tool in the palm of the operator enables digital machine inspections, flagging, and reporting – all making jobsites safer.

Benefits of the Connected Jobsite

Maximize your fleet efficiency. Identify, attend to, or prevent deviations from the expected or planned fleet performance and activity.

Prevent expensive breakdowns

Maintain machine health

Keep your operators safe

Quickly identify machine issues


Digital Checklists

Trackunit On gives machine operators full transparency, through digital check-ins.

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Digital Pre-checks

Taking safety matters into the digital age with daily safety and pre-inspection checks in the palm of the operator’s hand.


Report and Log
Machine Issues

Report and document issues and mark criticality levels on the go.

“The reaction from customers when we fix a problem before they even notice there was an issue is priceless. It just improves our service quality on a whole new level.”

Frank Schmenn

Executive Partner

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