Safe and Easy Operator Access

A digital access management system that fits in the pocket of equipment operators is a vital step to increase operator safety in construction. This is the Trackunit On app.

The Trackunit On mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices and offers a selection of trusted keys so authorized operators can easily locate and securely unlock equipment across jobsites.

Protecting operators is the key to unlock business opportunities

With Trackunit On, operators can quickly and easily access and operate equipment on-the-go according to pre-set permissions that protect them, the fleet, and the bottom line.

Benefits of a truly Digital Access Management System

Access Management has evolved beyond PIN codes to a complete system that drives safety, compliance, security, workforce planning, and efficiencies.

The end of operators sharing keys and access cards and the start of true operator safety based on training and credentials

Selection of trusted and secure keys for operators to unlock mixed-fleet construction equipment based on valid credentials

No more managing physical keys and access cards leading to time saved every day, across every jobsite


Digital Key*

On sites with limited connectivity, Digital Key is an easy and secure way for operators to unlock mixed-fleet construction equipment using a phone with Bluetooth LE.

*Not currently widely available from Trackunit in North America. Exceptions exist for select Trackunit partners. For more information, contact Trackunit.

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Rolling PIN

To prevent access sharing, operators are automatically sent personalized, refreshed PIN codes via the Trackunit On mobile app either every day or in pre-set intervals.


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Instantly locate available equipment on the map with equipment overview.

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