Digital Access Management

The Key to Safe Equipment Access

With digital Access Management, Trackunit is leading a new era of streamlined and safe operator access for mixed fleets across construction sites.

To halt downtime caused by operator injury and equipment damage, fleet managers need the ability to quickly and easily set and manage operator permissions based on safety and training certifications.

Trackunit Manager Access Management 

Truly Digital Access Management

With Access Management, oversight of day-to-day access is quick and easy for fleet administrators in Trackunit Manager, helping to keep operators safe and equipment secure – all to eliminate downtime and protect the bottom line.


Day-to-Day Access Management Made Digital

Now fleet administrators can complete operator setup in less than a minute, including setting permissions and assigning keys – all with the click of a mouse.


Safety and Compliance Built-in

Digital access management helps ensure only those with valid safety and training certifications can unlock equipment, keeping operators safe, jobsites efficient, and equipment moving.


Unlocking Equipment Usage Insights

Leverage comprehensive usage log details, including who operated the equipment, duration, and key type, to gain valuable insights, enhance business planning, and unlock new business models like equipment sharing.

Trackunit On

The Key to Unlocking Equipment

Keep operators safe and prevent downtime, with a selection of trusted and secure keys available in the Trackunit On mobile app that operators can use on jobsites to unlock mixed-fleet construction equipment based on valid credentials.

Access via Mobile App

Manage access using a choice of trusted and secure keys including Digital Key*, static and rolling PIN codes, or access cards, that enable operators to unlock and use mixed-fleet construction equipment.

Digital Unlock

Operators can unlock equipment using their phone on jobsites where reception might be limited with Digital Key* (backed by Bluetooth LE connectivity) and based on access permissions that were previously granted by a fleet administrator.

* Not currently widely available from Trackunit in North America. Exceptions exist for select Trackunit partners. For more information, contact Trackunit.

Access Management 

The Key to Eliminating Downtime

Easy & Secure

On jobsites, unlocking equipment is made easy and secure with the set of keys available to operators via the Trackunit On mobile app.

Accelerated Access

Setup and management of access permissions is accelerated with Trackunit Manager where admins can grant access to groups of equipment for specific operators and dates.

Accountability & Transparency

Operators manage their profiles, including credentials, giving administrators the transparency needed to assign access.

x2 Return

Realize return on investment: for every $1 invested in accident prevention,$2 is saved in expenses stemming from accidents.


is the average cost of one jobsite injury.


of construction costs
(excluding insurance costs) are workplace-injury related.

“Access management connects human and machine by introducing digitalized operator-centric access control. This ensures the right operators have access to the right machines and in turn provide safety and accountability to an extent that previous solutions never have done before.”

Dave Swan

SVP Product, Trackunit

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