People, Machines, Processes

Connecting Construction

Connecting More than Machines

Connectivity is about allowing people from vastly different touchpoints, functions, and levels of the industry to come together and share their ideas, spark new strategies, and form partnerships and friendships.

To enable a fully connected construction industry, connectivity spreads across machines, people, and processes.

Connecting Construction

An Ecosystem Stretching Across the Industry

Trackunit is facilitating industry-wide connectivity of people, processes, and machines.

Standing Together We Can Ask Better Questions

How do we empower people with the right insights to make themselves useful to the industry?

How do we refine the quality of machine data?

How do we accelerate the digitization of the industry, to ultimately eliminate downtime?

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Empowering Construction Through Connectivity

Parts Program

Create and promote new products with data-driven sales prospecting.


Provide a unique customer experience and build brand loyalty.

Service & Support

Reduce the length of dealer
and customer calls.

Act on Alerts

Immediately see where action is required regarding asset health.

Monitor Utilization

Monitor asset utilization, location, health, plan for service and maintenance, and put equipment on or off rent.

Location Awareness

Insight into equipment health empowers you to provide proactive service and avoid unexpected failures.



Access Management

Empower site managers to run access control and create a safe environment for people and equipment.

Safety Management

Keep your assets and people safe with insight into operations and utilization alerts for mishandling of equipment.

Productivity Management

Real-time utilization data enables you to scale your fleet to fit your needs at all times. 

Together, We Will Eliminate Downtime to Build the Most Useful Industry for the World

Connectivity isn’t limited to assets and tools. To enable a fully digitized construction industry, connectivity should saturate machines, people, and processes.


Trackunit’s Tools to Connect


Plug in to construction


Plug and Play
Software Solutions


The Enabler of Full Fleet Connectivity

Designed to be Safe and Secure

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Constructing a better future

Did you know? 58% of the construction industry says sustainability will dominate agenda in next five years.