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About Us

Collaboration is at the heart of the Eliminate Downtime journey, and having such a strong team join the effort is a great example of how we can work together across the entire industry. While the shared goal is to eliminate downtime in all its forms, the role of the committee is to contribute to the narrative going forward, to ensure that the perspective is to benefit the entire construction ecosystem.

About the Committee

The Eliminate Downtime Committee counts industry leaders from across the ecosystem among its ranks. These individuals are shaping the conversations in our industry and changing the narrative of the future we are building. By bringing people from vastly different touchpoints and levels of the construction industry together to share their ideas, spark new strategies, and form partnerships, we can ask new questions and continue the journey towards eliminating downtime.

This is Your Invitation

We genuinely believe that we can achieve the impossible – and this is your invitation to join us in eliminating downtime.

The Eliminate Downtime Model – An Introduction

In an effort to relate how we view the larger challenge, we have broken it down into five main areas – Society, Machine, Human, Company, and Industry. These areas in turn illustrate how far-reaching the Eliminate Downtime movement is and the range of stakeholders involved.

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