Fleet Management Software for Construction

Complete Telematics Solution For Fleet Management

Get a complete overview of your fleet with comprehensive telematics software. Track equipment utilization, optimize performance, and reduce costs across your mixed equipment fleet, leveraging real-time insights and analytics.

Efficient Equipment Fleet Management

More Control of Your Mixed Fleet

Gain valuable insights into real-time equipment performance, usage, and utilization to unlock your fleet’s full potential​​. Trackunit’s construction fleet management software and IoT devices help reduce the complexity of managing multiple job sites and large mixed fleets.

Enhance Protection

Stop Theft Before it Happens

Monitor your assets from a centralized dashboard. Secure your fleet from theft and get notified of any unauthorized movement in real-time. Track powered and non-powered assets and get instant alerts when a machine leaves a geofenced area.

Improve Productivity

Rightsize Your Fleet

Data-driven insights show you which equipment to invest in next. Reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency of your existing fleet by analyzing equipment performance and utilization.

Protect Your Equipment and Operators

Simplify Fleet Safety For Peace of Mind on and off the Jobsite

Construction fleet tracking software with built-in access control and theft protection to keep your equipment where it should be and keep your employees safe.

Incident Reports

Create detailed accident and theft reports to streamline reporting and billing processes.

Intelligent Asset Tracking

GPS location tracking for your fleet. Get notified the moment assets leave designated zones to respond quickly to potential theft.

Secure Access Management

Control who can access your equipment with a digital key to improve operator safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and limit unauthorized usage.

Trackunit Iris: A Secure Foundation

A Comprehensive Construction Solution

A Single Platform

Unify your systems with an all-in-one embedded firmware and cloud system for software updates, data logging, and diagnostics.

Mixed Fleet Compatability

Trackunit Iris is hardware agnostic and runs on everything from scissor-lifts to excavators and everything in between.

Built to Scale

Trackunit Iris is built to fit the needs of an increasingly digitized industry and it’s designed to scale as you grow.

Discover New Integrations

Your shortcut to build new relationships, opportunities, and revenue models.

Fleet Connectivity

Connect your construction equipment for full visibility and in-depth data of your entire fleet.

A Secure Platform

Our platform is certified under international and EU cybersecurity regulatory guidelines and is built to keep your data safe and secure.

Optimize Your Operations

Transform Your Operations With Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software

Trackunit’s construction fleet management solution gives you better visibility of your assets and their performance. With detailed and powerful machine insights, you can make informed business decisions to optimize your operations and save money.

Accurate Usage Reports

Access detailed usage reports of how your equipment has been used to keep renters and employees accountable while operating your machines.

Identify Exceptions and Out-of-Contract Usage

Identify when vehicles are used beyond the contracted time. Get accurate overage billing until your assets are returned or put off-rent.

Instant Issue Alerts

Get instant alerts on breakdowns and critical machine issues to prevent downtime and costly repairs.

Custom Reports

Build specialized reports with a range of machine insights to suit any business case.

Increase Utilization

Reallocate idle assets to maximize productivity and reduce fuel waste. Lower total emissions while also extending the life of your equipment.


See activity trends across the industry to benchmark and support business decisions.

Stay Ahead of Breakdowns With Detailed Machine Data

Our equipment fleet management software gives you fleet-wide insights so you can be proactive about service maintenance and act before issues lead to downtime.

Preventative maintenance

Reduce fleet expenses with predictive service alerts from remote diagnostics and real-time CAN data.

Prioritized issue reporting

Report machine issues from the jobsite and sort by criticality to prioritize the most important fixes.

Specialized service

Apply machine-specific service plans provided by OEMs and perform maintenance based on usage hours.

Strong collaboration with Trackunit allowed us to develop the client dashboard that gives our customers insight into the machines they have on hire. A feature that more and more customers are asking for.

Elad Zohar

Managing Director, Alfasi Hire

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