An OEM Partnership with Trackunit

Connect With the People Who Use and Love Your Machines

Connecting construction enables the industry to come together and share knowledge and use cases to benefit the entire ecosystem. 

With industry-wide connectivity you can let your future innovations be inspired by everyday use and data, to make the most useful equipment for the world.

An OEM Partnership with Trackunit

Take the Guesswork Out of Product Innovations

Let real-time machine data inspire your innovations, and gain insight into use cases throughout a product’s lifetime. Enabling any OEM to follow equipment throughout its lifecycle is changing the game and sparking new business models. 

“Without data, you’ll never know the truth about your machines. Trackunit is a great investment for your future and your growth.”

Jimmy – Chakart Seanchan, CEO

“We had around a dozen manufacturer portals, and it became unmanageable for just Ray and I. Now we’re really starting to see what Trackunit can do.”

Rod Lentino, Rental Fleet Manager

In Partnership with Trackunit

Grow Your Business Throughout Your Product Lifecycle

Parts Program

Create and Promote New Products

Market & Sell

Data-driven sales prospecting


Support calls enriched by real-time insight

Service & Support

Reduce Resolution Time for Support


Assign maintenance plans


Assign to customer on shipment

Equipment Sales

Drive Sales Opportunities Based on Equipment Age, Health, or Use

Resell and Refurbish

Validation based on machine history


Provide a Unique Customer Experience and Build Brand Loyalty


Remote diagnostics

Machine Differentiation

Promote technology experiences

Product Management

Design New Products with Everyday Construction Use Data


Analyze trends (usage, location)

Design and Develop

Design, based on data


Validate field performance

Boost Your
Brand Exposure

With the industry standard platform for data sharing and distribution, opting in to Trackunit’s solutions will expose you to the entire construction ecosystem. 


Increase daily interactions with your brand fleetwide

Discover All Your Possibilities

Experience a world of opportunities by plugging into construction.


Tailor Your Experience With More Features


Works With


The Platform to Create

Join the Best in Business

100+ OEMs have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

Top 10%

of the World OEMs Connect with Trackunit


OEMs Globally

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How Construction Can Leverage Structured Data: A Use Case
Data standardization. Let’s be honest: to most people in construction, there are topics that sound far more intriguing, but don’t underestimate the power of structured data. 
By Andreas Meinke
Senior Sales Manager

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100+ OEMs have already made it easy to connect machine data through integrations. Check them out on our Integrations page.

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