Tailored plans to unlock the full potential of your connected fleet to eliminate downtime


Your Plans to Eliminate Downtime

Tailored plans to unlock the full potential of your connected fleet to eliminate downtime

OEM Plans


Unlock the value of your machine and equipment data in new ways to make telematics an integral part of your product lifecycle.

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Fleet Plans


Unlock the value of your machine and equipment data in new ways to streamline your rental operations and processes.

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Fleet Plans


Unlock the full potential of your fleet and connect every move on your site to increase efficiency, eliminate downtime and advance data-driven operations.

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Trackunit for

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Trackunit Pricing

Trackunit’s pricing plans are setup to optimize your telematics investment by providing transparent and flexible plans that deliver volume benefits while unlocking value.

Tailored Plans

Customize your plan according to your telematics connectivity requirements to suit your unique equipment, asset, fleet composition and insights needs.

Economies of Scale

With transparent fleet pricing plans, you realize a lower price per connected asset as you scale fleet connectivity.

Flexible Solution

Our scalable solution offers tailored pricing and insights for light, compact and heavy assets, providing telematics solutions without compromising on the quality of telematics connectivity.

Your Complete Plan

Pricing plans tailored for construction

Trackunit offers pricing plans tailored to the unique requirements of OEMs, Contractors and Rentals enabling the construction industry to optimize fleet performance to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Build your telematics pricing plan in 4 steps.

Step 1: Choose a software plan

Trackunit offers plans tailored for OEM, Rental, and Contractors, providing the flexibility and customization you need to unlock the full potential of your connected fleet.

Step 2: Configure your assets

With our flexible asset configuration, you can customize your telematics solution with multiple categories and telematics capabilities to unlock the full potential of your fleet.

Step 3: Service package

Service packages ensure you get the most from your Trackunit telematics solution starting with an online help centre, plus options for live support, professional services, or guaranteed uptime to ensure your fleet is operational.

Step 4: Choose your add-ons

Our add-on features and services give you the flexibility to choose what works best to optimize the performance of your fleet.

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Why Choose Trackunit?

Trackunit hasn’t changed us. It’s enhanced us.

John Hiatt

Vice President of Sales & Operations at Sitepro Rentals

We needed a provider that has similar ambitions to us. Trackunit is also very ambitious, and that has led to the creation of valuable solutions for us, that we turn into valuable solutions for our customers.

Joel Särkkä

CIO at Renta

Trackunit Manager allows us to easily locate machines, set up geofencing, and use other alarms. It also makes machine handover effortless.

Clemens Sieverding

Area Manager, Civil Engineering at Heitkamp & Hülscher

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, a monthly billing option is offered.

The length of Trackunit contracts depends on several factors but generally the duration of contracts is 36 or 42 months.


Click to view the Trackunit Terms & Conditions.

To make changes to your plan, contact your Trackunit account representative.

Plan Changes and Add-Ons


If offered as add-ons by Trackunit, certain features can be added. Note that certain add-ons may require your plan to be at the Evolve or Expand level before they can be added as part of your fleet plan. 


Yes, add-on features or fleet plan upgrades can happen at any time and would correspond with your pre-existing fleet plan commitment period.

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