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Together, We Will Eliminate Downtime to Build the Most Useful Industry for the World

Connectivity isn’t limited to assets and tools. To enable a fully digitized construction industry, connectivity should saturate machines, people, and processes..


Connect with your machines and customers like never before

Build lasting customer relationships with real-time data that gives you the know-how to meet your customers where they are.


Mixed Fleet. 
One Platform

Unlock your fleet’s full potential with sitewide connectivity on one platform.


Connect with the people who use and love your machines

Let your innovations be inspired by everyday use and data to build the most useful equipment for the world. 

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Going Beyond Telematics?

Rooted in hardware, accelerated through software, built for construction.

Trackunit provides the leading operating platform that orchestrates data and infrastructure to connect assets, people, and processes to eliminate downtime in the construction industry. Are you in?





Coming Together to Connect Construction
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See how game-changing companies are making the most of every engagement with Trackunit.

“Digitization has been an integral part of being able to scale the business. It forces us to think outside of the box and come up with new solutions. But we always keep in mind that the solutions we create should serve the people using them.”

Joel Särkkä
CIO at Renta

“Without data, you’ll never know the truth about your machines. Trackunit is a great investment for your future and your growth.”

Jimmy – Chakart Seanchan
CEO at Leadway

“We have always been a very future-oriented business when it comes to digitization. Having real-time machine insight is not just a nice add-on – it’s fundamental to how we work.”

Clemens Sieverding
Business Area Manager Civil Engineering at Heitkamp & Hülscher

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