Together, We Will Eliminate Downtime to Build the Most Useful Industry for the World

Together, We Will Eliminate Downtime to Build the Most Useful Industry for the World

Purpose-Driven to the Bone

Our bold purpose is at the heart of everything we do. It echoes in the way we work, collaborate, and overcome challenges together. In short, we are making ourselves useful to eliminate downtime every day.

By allowing people to come together and share their ideas, spark new strategies, partnerships and friendships, we ask questions; How do we empower people with insights to make themselves useful to the industry?

How do we grow the penetration of connected equipment? And how do we accelerate the digitization of the industry, ultimately, to eliminate downtime?

Internally, our principles provide us with a sense of direction. We are committed to catalyze a more useful and human industry. And we keep ourselves useful by solving the real problems, building everything for scale, and showing compassion for our customers, partners, and even our competitors.

This Is What We Stand For

Together, We Will Eliminate Downtime to Build the Most Useful Industry for the World.

Our approach is collaborative and based on openness and co-creation. We are driven by a design thinking approach, being empathetic, interactive and always striving for an ecosystem-wide impact.
Downtime is the core of all problems in the construction industry. We address it through five key areas, looking at downtime through the lens of machines, humans, companies, our industry as a whole and society at large. Eliminating Downtime is the contribution made to create an impact also outside the industry because it exists in the world and not at least for the world.
We are builders and doers by heart and are committed to catalyze every relevant idea into useful, and human solutions.
Being useful is the core DNA of our company. We always strive to walk on two legs, driving a highly commercial and impact-focused agenda at the same time.
Construction is a very big player in the world, and we have at least the same aspirations so that the industry can consciously create an impact for the world. By doing so, we deliberately balance an inwards focus with an outwards outlook because long-term relevance for any ambitious company will also be measured in the contribution outside of the industry.

It All Comes Down to Downtime

Downtime is the origin of all problems in our industry. It’s machines that aren’t running, assets you can’t find, equipment without an operator, and machines that break down.

It’s broken processes and broken promises.

Our promise to the construction industry is to unite the construction industry to eliminate downtime by making the largest data lake in the industry useful and lead the digital technology transformation. This is our contribution to anyone who wants to deliver impact today and tomorrow through insights, products, services and business models – all developed by industry leaders, for industry leaders.

What is Downtime?

How Do We Make Ourselves Useful?

Join a Community to Eliminate Downtime

A global movement that gathers our industry’s the brightest minds to ask questions, discuss solutions, and find the answers to how we build the most useful industry for the world.

Together, we genuinely believe that we can achieve the impossible – and this is your invitation to join us in eliminating downtime.

Learn With the Community

By Martin O’Rourke
Director of Communications

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