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This is the sustainability transformation you simply can’t ignore

Construction, sustainability, and the battle that’s changing hearts: Industry report
– 49 pages

This is the sustainability transformation you simply can’t ignore

Construction may not be synonymous with sustainability but in this industry report, we show how shifting attitudes have put net zero firmly on the table.

Construction makes up USD15 trillion of global GDP annually. It’s also responsible for 37% of global emissions. Clearly, this can’t continue. And we can unveil here in the ‘Constructing a better future’ report, that a clear majority out of nearly 13,000 construction professionals not only think this too, they believe it’s imperative to be sustainable to win new business.

That’s why this is the single, most important document you need to understand what is happening in construction today, what you can do to accelerate change, and why you need to be ready so your business can prosper tomorrow.

Here’s just a few of our findings:

  • 58% of industry says sustainability will dominate agenda in next 5 years; 26% say it won’t
  • Mix of regulation, tech and societal pressure giving sustainable businesses big advantage
  • 73% of Contractors already use sustainability practices; expect to add more by 2028
  • N American professionals are more focused on sustainability than European peers

Whether you’re an OEM, a Contractor, Dealer or an Equipment Rental business that needs to comply with stricter emissions criteria to win big contracts, there will be something to help you become part of one of the most exciting developments in construction in the past few years.

Your business and your success could depend on it. And as an industry, we can start to alter the narrative. Download your copy and make a difference to your business today.

The focus on emissions is very much part of that downtime battle and with regulatory pressures from local, national and international authorities in tandem with a societal push from ordinary people, the developing culture of ownership and responsibility may well be the single most important factor in bringing down emissions.

Soeren Brogaard, CEO at Trackunit

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