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Connect With Your Machines and Customers Like Never Before

Build lasting customer relationships, leveraging real-time data that gives you the know-how to meet your customers where they are.

Trackunit Software

Discover the Construction Software Tools to Simplify Each Stage of Your Rental Process

Trackunit Manager

See all your mixed fleet data across multiple job sites in real-time to eliminate downtime, improve fleet management, and identify future revenue opportunities with in-demand equipment.

Trackunit Go

Get immediate insights about your fleet to make quick decisions and perform simple fleet management tasks on the go.

Trackunit On

Better asset security with secure digital keys, so only authorized users can unlock and operate your equipment on job sites.

Your Journey to Grow Your Rental Business

 Empower your team to put your digital ambitions to action and do more through comprehensive fleet management software. Digitalization is vital to winning the rental market and gaining better visibility of your inventory from anywhere in the world. We are here to support your team in getting the most value from your solutions.

Gain Complete Oversight

Gain total oversight over your mixed fleet, manage equipment lifecycles, and rightsize your fleet accordingly.

Proactive Maintenance

Create a proactive service program based on engine analytics data to improve efficiency and maximize your equipment’s uptime.

Utilization Insights

Know where and when your equipment is used with location-based data and real-time insights, and reallocate equipment to boost productivity.

Gain Complete Overview

Gain a total overview of your mixed fleet, manage fleet age, and rightsize your fleet continuously. 

Proactive Maintenance

Create a proactive service program based on data insights, to achieve optimal maintenance.

Utilization Insights

Understand and act upon equipment utilization and location-based usage with real-time insights.

Data-Driven Depot

Drive higher fleet availability and revenue by improving operational efficiency through a data-driven depot.

Improve Recovery Rates

Improve theft prevention and recovery rates by knowing where your assets are – on and off jobsites.

Improve Customer Experience

Deliver connected experiences that drive loyalty and increase market share.

Data-Driven Planning

Know which vehicles and equipment to invest in based on demand and make your business more profitable.

Improve Theft Recovery

Improve theft prevention and recovery rates by knowing where your assets are – on and off jobsites.

Better Customer Experience

Deliver an experience that drives loyalty and increases market share.

“Sometimes in 60 days, a busy yard truck in a distribution center could have 600-700 hours on [it]! Now we have captured these maintenance intervals at 250 hours and are saving engines.”

Chris DeMoss​​

Rental Operations Manager​

Trackunit Solutions

Empowering You to Eliminate Downtime

Location Awareness

Track Your Fleet’s Every Move

Easy Off-Rent Pickup

Precise GPS tracking finds machines automatically, saving your employees time when locating assets that are ready for pickup.

Remote Uptime Management

Insight into equipment health empowers you to provide proactive service and avoid unexpected failures.

Monitor Utilization

Trackable KPIs for Your Entire Fleet

Customer Jobsite Visibility

Monitor asset utilization, location, and health, plan for service and maintenance, and instantly put equipment on- or off-rent.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Make better financial decisions for your depot based on measurable usage data and orders. Invest in the vehicles that customers want.

Act on Alerts

Proactive Asset Management

Service Alerts

Data-driven insights tell you when your equipment needs servicing ahead of time so you can coordinate with technicians, customers, and operators.

Contract Management

Usage insights enable you to proactively address after-hour usage and offer to amend contracts for accurate billing and payments.

Manage Contracts

Understand Customer Usage


Automated invoicing helps resolve damage issues or disputes and track additional usage.

Manage Maintenance

Know When Your Assets are Due for Maintenance

Which Assets are in Need of Service?

Get data-driven insights and visibility to trigger service activities and coordinate with technicians, customers, and operators.

Join the Best in Business

5000+ rental companies have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

Discover All Your Possibilities

Experience a world of opportunities by plugging into construction.

Trackunit Manager

Your Big Picture in Real Time

Trackunit Go

Your Insights
on the Go


The Platform
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