Trackunit Kin

Taking Tags to the Next Level

Meet Trackunit Kin, a Tag That’s All About Tracking Your Non-Powered Equipment

With Trackunit Kin, the circle of connectivity is closing in by adding attachments and unpowered equipment and tools to the loop. Trackunit Kin is not only here to introduce full-fleet connectivity to the construction industry - it's here to make it as simple as it should be. Same portal, same app, zero learning curve.


Add attachments and unpowered equipment to the same platform

Full Fleet

Track your equipment and attachments alongside the rest of your fleet

Easy to Install

On-site installation takes only one minute

Trackunit Kin Builds on Trackunit’s Open, Flexible, Secure, and Scalable Platform, Iris.

Keep track of all your equipment, attachments, accessories, and tools via tags, or use Bluetooth to connect to the platform you already know and love.

Connect Any Equipment, Attachment, or Accessory


One Connected Ecosystem

200+ OEMs
5000+ Rentals
1000+ Contractors

Real-Time Asset Overview
Based on Movement

Stay in the know of your assets' every move and enable your fleet's full potential. With a complete overview of utilization, you can scale your fleet up and down based on movement data, sell off under-utilized assets, or invest in new equipment to increase productivity.

Answering to the Needs of the Industry


30% of total annual tool purchases are due to theft, loss, and damages.


An average worker spends 10% of every working day searching for tools and attachments.


In 2016, only 21% of all lost or stolen equipment was recovered.

Tag it, Track it, Done

On-site installation in one minute. Simply tag your asset, pair with Kin via Bluetooth, type in asset data, and you're ready to follow your asset anywhere for up to five years.

Designed to Do More


With BT 5.2, Kin is running the latest BT solution for increased range and battery life.

400m Range

With Kin’s leading line of sight range, your assets are always within reach.

5-Year Battery Life

Long-lasting batteries keep your Kin alive and your assets in sight for up to five years.


Keep an eye on your assets and track activity via movement and vibration.

IP66K and IP69K

Kin is durable and built for the rough construction environment, with an industry-best IP66K and IP69K classification.

C1D1 Certified

KinEx empowers you to safely track tagged assets in hazardous environments.

By adding to the self-reinforcing network effect across cellular-enabled equipment and Bluetooth edge connectivity, Trackunit Kin is our next big move towards eliminating downtime.

Trackunit KinEx

Unlocking Hazardous


Deploy rent-tagged equipment in C1D1 locations


Grow new business opportunities in new project locations


Meet OSHA and safety officers’ requirements

The Tag for Hazardous Environments

KinEx is the first Bluetooth 5.2 Tag in the industry to certificy to the strict standards
for operation in C1D1 hazardous zones in Canada and the USA. 

Which Kin is right for you?

Trackunit Kin

Taking tags to the next level. Trackunit Kin is all about tracking your non-powered equipment, and closing the circle of connectivity to provide a full-fleet view.

Trackunit KinEx

Meet KinEx - The tag for hazardous environments. KinEx is the first Bluetooth 5.2 tag certified to meet the strict standards for operation in C1D1 hazardous zones.

* KinEx is only available to customers in Canada and USA.

Join Thousands of Connected Devices All Over the Planet

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