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The construction industry has made the impossible possible throughout history. However, the industry has not been good enough to build with an eye toward sustainability


The construction industry accounts for 38% of global CO2 emissions.​

Environment Journal

Data is the Key to Propelling Sustainability in Construction

Accurate, real-world data is critical in driving sustainable change. Sustainability is so much more than lower emissions and electrification, but to get on top of sustainability in your business, all possible sources must be identified and quantified. Let your data lead the way.

“There’s so much opportunity in construction, but in order to make change happen on the sustainability agenda, we need to make data useful for the entire industry. This requires us to get out of our own siloes and change the way we collaborate.”

Soren Brogaard

CEO, Trackunit

Sustainability -
Your License to Operate

The ability to measure and report on CO2 emissions is becoming ever more business-critical. More than a way to attract new customers and projects, it’s also a requirement for attracting scarce talent.


of S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2021, up from 92% in 2020.

Governance & Accountability Institute


of business leaders surveyed in 2022 reported that sustainability investments protect their organization from disruption.



of survey respondents in 2021 expected their companies to generate value from sustainability within 5 years.

McKinsey & Company

Business Critical

Ready to Future-Proof Your Business

According to an employee engagement study by Cone Communications, the ability to measure and report on CO2 emissions is becoming ever more business-critical. More than a way to attract new customers and projects, it’s also a requirement for attracting scarce talent.

Electrify Your Fleet

Smart charging systems are already a well-adopted model in cars, often integrated into vehicles directly. In construction equipment it could offer instructions on how to optimally charge across the entire fleet.

Rallying the ecosystem around extending battery range and battery life will drive down costs and optimize use of resources. This could be achieved through improved diagnostic tools, providing insights into battery health and charge, and charging behaviour. 

Download our electrification whitepaper to learn more.

Battery Management

With the electrification of construction, new questions arise. How do I run my electric fleet in the best way possible?

Battery management will be an obvious critical factor. With optimized charge cycles, batteries are changed less, leading to lower energy consumption and longer battery life.

Turning Data into Action

Enabling the Construction Industry to Measure What Matters

Legislators, finance institutions, and citizens require sustainable construction practices.


Measuring CO2 from each machine, jobsite, project, fleet, and company gives you transparency.


Knowing which operators have used your equipment, and when, gives you accountability.


Benchmarking your footprint against square meters built on every other project.

Empower Your Sustainable Agenda With Data-Driven Decisions

Reporting on Emissions

Looking beyond electrification, what can we do to lead the change? Sustainability reporting is becoming the license to operate.

CO2 Emission Reports
Show data across your entire fleet.

Increasing Utilization

Data-driven fleets reveal how machines are being used – showing expected forecasts, service dates, and under-performing machines. With real-time usage insights, you can increase your project’s energy effeciency and plan for sustainability.

Utilization Reports 

Show data across your entire fleet.

What’s Next for Sustainable Construction?

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