All Eyes on Utilization

Take Control of Equipment Use

The Trackunit platform gives you direct line of sight to usage information so you can seamlessly empower business performance and productivity every day.

Know how every piece of equipment in your fleet is being used.

Stop guessing and take control of costs, productivity and performance with clear equipment usage information in hand. With Trackunit’s platform and apps, you can work smarter knowing how every piece of equipment in your fleet is being used.

Plan for Productivity

Make data-driven decisions to right-size your fleet

Boost your asset planning, using equipment utilization insights stemming from line of sight to both heavy usage and under-utilized equipment.

Realize savings

Proactively manage idle equipment

Save wasted fuel and CO2 emissions by proactively managing machine idling. Reduce project costs by identifying under-utilized equipment that can be taken off rent or reassigned where it’s needed.

Unlock revenue potential

Drive new business models with equipment usage insights

Utilization tracking enables pay per use and rental business opportunities and can detect non-contractual use of equipment so customers can be billed accordingly.

Answering to the Needs of the Construction Industry


increase in repeat business due to customer data showing improved utilization.


increase in revenue from extended contracts via detection of non-contractual machine use.


can be saved through a 20% reduction in idle time over 5 years yielding monumental savings fleetwide.

Before the implementation of telematics, we charged our customers based on outdated parameters. But data-driven insights enable us to make exact charges according to actual hours – even during evenings and weekends..”

Henrik Malthe

Rental Assistant

Detailed activity reporting

Drill deeper to understand and analyze modes of equipment operation so you can manage performance, customer invoicing and disputes.

Out of contract equipment use

Capture revenue by building specific reporting to capture weekday and weekend usage caps.

Blueprint to drive savings

Set utilization targets to address issues and highlight exceptions to optimally manage fleet and equipment performance to drive cost-savings.

Right-size your fleet

Review utilization by machine type to pinpoint unused or heavily utilized assets and ensure you have the right equipment to get the job done.

Efficient equipment relocation

Save time and improve customer experience by easily finding and relocating unused equipment to jobsites that need it most.

Optimize equipment usage

Track and avoid over-utilization of machines that could lead to costly breakdowns and downtime.

Join the Best in Business

7000+ trusted construction partners have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

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