Optimize Fleet Health

Machine Service, Made Smarter

Get ahead of breakdowns with Trackunit’s platform, which simplifies predictive maintenance and empowers you to respond faster to machine issues.

Keep your fleet running smoothly with machine service at scale 

Fleet service just got simpler with Trackunit’s platform that combines accessible machine information with the tools you need to apply it. Optimize preventative maintenance with the Service Management app and respond quickly to machine issues with real-time CAN data.


Prioritize and group machine service

View all machine issues and planned services together so you can prioritize the most important fixes and address multiple machines in one visit.

Customer Experience

Improve first time fix rate

Diagnose machine issues remotely with machine insights before you dispatch technicians. Equip teams with the needed tools and information from the start.


Take the guesswork out of service with machine data

Optimize the maintenance process by applying OEM-recommended service plans across your fleet and performing preventive service based on live utilization data.

Connect Any Equipment, Attachment, or Accessory


Eliminating Downtime One Machine at a Time


of unplanned downtime can be cut out with preventive maintenance 


of the average maintenance worker’s time is used on unproductive tasks


of total production costs are spent on maintenance

The reaction from customers when we fix a problem before they even notice there was an issue is priceless. It just improves our service quality on a whole new level..”

Frank Schmenn

Executive Partner

Prioritize Critical Service

Address the most serious issues first by ranking service needs on the Attention List.

Act Fast with Alerts

Notify your team about machine issues automatically with CAN data and real-time alerts.

Reduce Time on the Road

Service multiple machines in one trip with a map of active service needs in the Trackunit Go mobile app.

Proactive Service Plans

Build Service Plans for every machine in your fleet and stay ahead of breakdowns and parts sales.

Log Machine Events

Diagnose and prevent recurring issues with a history of past machine faults for each asset.

Build Service Reports

Generate reports of upcoming service needs to empower your team on site and in the office.

Join the Best in Business

7000+ trusted construction partners have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

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