Introducing Sites

Every Site Has a Unique Story to Tell

Sites seamlessly blend live machine data with site applications to optimize your business processes, giving you a complete picture to deliver your project and business outcomes.

Trackunit Manager Sites

Get the Real Story for Every Site

Get an up-to-the-minute picture of vital activity across all of your job sites eliminating the need for ongoing manual site-level administration, whether online or in-person.

Sites Your Way

Instantly Improve Decision-Making with Automatic and Precise Site Detection

Leverage automatically detected sites or enter site boundaries as you see fit – including the option to apply labels depending on the site type.

Site Alerts

Know Your Sites Like Never Before with Site-Based Alerts

For seamless equipment management, custom alerts can be created so notifications are sent when equipment departs or arrives at a particular site or moves beyond a set boundary.

Site Dashboards

Streamline Job Site Management with Comprehensive Dashboards

Each site has a real-time dashboard with key site equipment performance information so you get the picture you need to make quick decisions.

Trackunit Beam

Unlock On-Site Connectivity

Trackunit Beam solutions help you grow and build new digital processes to bridge the connections between equipment, fleets, and sites for every project phase.

Location Allocation

Use custom names for Beam installations in targeted site locations and assign floor numbers in buildings.

Integrated and Compatible

Trackunit Marketplace paves the way for 3rd party products and solutions to connect with Trackunit Beam.

Rock-Solid Performance

Designed to withstand the rigours of harsh site environments. Always industrial-rated and certified.

Trackunit Gateway

Connectivity Where You Need It

Boost your real-time Bluetooth coverage footprint amplifying all the impacts and benefits of Kin, or other third-party Bluetooth tags. Drive action, raise productivity, and reduce downtime throughout the life of the job site.

Remove Blind Spots

Build 100% coverage for key site locations such as inside buildings, storage containers, or tool depots.

Real-time visibility

Continuous and dedicated Bluetooth connectivity enables speed and precision to locate tagged equipment faster.

Precision Pinning

Set and name your Gateway location to add new context to find equipment in vertical or unique spaces on site.

Plug and Play

Use flexible mounting options combined with AC or DC power to install and be operational within minutes.

Platform Ready

Gateways communicate directly with Trackunit Iris operating transparently within your existing Manager account.
Maximize Your Full Connectivity Potential
Extend the connectivity potential of your site environment and leverage new data to drive action, raise productivity, and reduce downtime.

30 min

of time is invested to search a job site or yard to find a single piece of equipment.


of small construction tools and accessories are lost each year. 


reduction in annual insurance rates can be realized with telematics and fewer claims.

Trackunit Manager allows us to easily locate machines, set up geofencing, and use other alarms. It also makes machine handover effortless.”

Clemens Sieverding

Area Manager, Civil Engineering

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5000+ trusted construction partners have already made it easy to connect and integrate their machine data.

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Product Spotlight

Update on Trackunit Spot

In this video, Trackunit’s Richard Haggerty updates us on Trackunit Spot. Learn how to apply it, the value it brings, and gain insights on the new utilization capabilites.