Trackunit Spot

Empowering Non-Powered Equipment

Spot FAQ

Trackunit Spot provides performance, durability, and flexibility to manage your fleet of non-powered assets. Find our best answers to commonly asked questions about Trackunit Spot.

Mounting and Installation

Spot can be applied to all powered and non-powered equipment in your fleet. The only exception may be smaller hand tools where there might not be a convenient place to mount Spot.

See the Services –> Guides and Manuals page, Installation Guides section for more details.


Use Trackunit Manager to customize your Spot unit’s transmission intervals to your needs. See our Help Center article for details on how to do this.


Knowing a machines location at a particular point in time can be essential when you want to check up on machine routes, arrival times, or potential theft. You can get this information in the Movement tab. See our Help Center article for details.


Your warranty is outlined in the license agreement made with Trackunit.