Chief Executive Officer

Soeren Brogaard​

"My dedication is to unite construction to eliminate downtime."

I have been leading the global alignment of future technology and business strategy to secure commercial growth for Trackunit since 2016, first as a CTO and since December 2017 as CCO. In December 2020, I was appointed CEO.

As the group Chief Commercial Officer, I have been responsible for Trackunit’s technology shift and transformation of the brand and position in the market. I have been implementing data-driven global customer success strategies, which have delivered continued revenue growth throughout the industry from small rental companies to large OEMs and construction contractors.

I am passionate about the digital transformation of the construction sector. Therefore, I fully believe in Trackunit’s vision for technology to deliver safer worksites as well as more efficient, productive, and profitable operations throughout construction’s supply chain.

As CEO, my goal is to strengthen the role of Trackunit in the construction ecosystem and build Trackunit as an organization that continues to rise to the challenge and unite construction to eliminate downtime.

I strongly believe in value-and purpose-driven leadership and I am inspired when people find new ways to solve old problems through clever thinking, innovative processes, or sometimes just sheer determination.

I’m also endlessly fascinated by technology and the people that work in it. I’m constantly amazed at the ingenuity of the human race and am optimistic that tech really will start to bring positive changes to the world.

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