Chief Technology Officer

Mikkel Dalgas

"It is awesome, fun and rewarding to create world leading offers."

I joined the Trackunit team in December 2017. Two things that really attracted me at Trackunit were the quality of the team and the ambitious goal about digitizing the construction industry.

I am a strong proponent of customer-centric innovation and believe that speed beats perfection in product development. As a CTO the core mission for me and my team is to create the world’s greatest telematic solution to our customers; holistic solutions beyond machine tracking and with the purpose of optimizing the whole man-machine ecosystem.

Prior to Trackunit I was with Schneider Electric as Global Director of Engineering and Product management. In my past roles I have worked with amazing product development teams across Europe, Asia and USA; creating several world-leading software and IoT solutions along the way.

As an innovator in the software and IoT space I have been granted more than 10 US and European patents.

Outside work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My youngest daughter is a competitive figure skater, so I get to visit a lot of cold ice rinks. When I need to get away I enjoy windsurfing; the time alone on the ocean clears the mind and strengthens the body.

I hold a MSc in Agronomy from the University of Copenhagen.

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