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Equipment Monitoring: Optimize Equipment Utilization

Published: 21. February 2022
By Trackunit

By using the latest condition-monitoring technologies and cloud-based software, companies can now detect early signs of equipment wear or failure and correct them before they become a problem. This has led to increased equipment reliability and availability and significant cost savings. The use of such monitoring systems also allows for the identification of new opportunities for savings and efficiency improvements.

Equipment monitoring is the process of tracking the status and performance of equipment to assess and diagnose faults and take preventative or corrective action. Companies can reduce equipment downtime, improve safety, and optimize performance by monitoring equipment.

Trackunit Raw is a telematics device that provides stable, secure, and reliable connectivity. Your fleet is made digital, communicating and delivering valuable data. Trackunit Raw is designed for the best performance on all technical levels. Proven designs, trusted technology, and innovation make a safe choice for a future-proof solution with global coverage. Trackunit Raw is certified and compliant with global type approvals and supports OEM industry-standard machine data interfaces.

Remote monitoring and its benefits for business

Remote equipment monitoring is the process of constantly or periodically inspecting, testing, and maintaining machinery or other physical equipment at a distance. The main benefit of this practice is that it helps identify issues with the equipment before they become bigger problems and cause downtime or other unwanted effects.

Companies can save time and money on repairs and replacements by detecting issues early on. Additionally, remote monitoring can help businesses become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Remote equipment monitoring is a growing industry with constantly evolving technology. Businesses that do not currently use remote equipment monitoring should consider doing so in order to take advantage of all the benefits it offers.

What types of equipment benefit from monitoring?

Industrial equipment can come in all shapes and sizes, from cherry-picker cranes to handheld power drills to massive reservoir tanks. It can all be tracked and monitored with telematics, no matter its form or function. We break down the types of equipment to monitor by category:

Unpowered equipment

Can be tracked and managed more effectively with the help of ruggedized battery-powered trackers. This will help to prevent theft and simplify inventory management.

Powered equipment

Can be tracked and monitored to optimize usage before renting or purchasing new equipment.

Heavy equipment

Needs to be kept out of the shop and addressed quickly through remote access. Equipment eventually wears down and needs maintenance. A condition monitoring system looks at specific aspects of machinery to see if any problems are developing. Scheduled, predictive maintenance can prevent sudden equipment failures and costly repairs.

Let Trackunit help your business monitor your equipment

Trackunit Go is a fleet management solution that helps businesses increase efficiency and optimize resources. Trackunit is an award-winning business that helps you track your vehicles, receive updates on driver behavior, fuel consumption, and more.

Trackunit Manager provides you with a total overview of your entire fleet. This solution gives you endless possibilities, where you can track every movement and feature with your own customizable dashboards.

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