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– 3 min.
Why Sustainability Heads the Construction Agenda in 2022
As the Eliminate Downtime initiative evolves, sustainability is taking center stage as construction faces up to challenges that threaten to dwarf us all. CEO Soeren Brogaard explains.
By Soeren Brogaard
CEO at Trackunit

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– 3 min.
Construction cost breakdown: How to estimate the total cost
Before starting the construction of a commercial building, the biggest initial concerns are always the square footage construction costs. Commercial buildings are used in different sectors such as education, health, and retail. The costs can vary greatly depending on usage and other factors such as location.
By Trackunit

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– 15 min
Industry Outlook – What’s Next for Construction
Join Joachim Allerup, Partner at Bain & Company as he shares his outlook on the future of the industry.
By Joachim Allerup
Partner, Bain & Company

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100 Ways to Eliminate Downtime

A practical guide for people who want to eliminate downtime - packed with inspiration, stories, insights and questions.

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