Raw Shield Mount

Raw Defence


Add another layer of protection to your Trackunit Raw.


Designed for installation on a variety of surfaces.


Industry-standard, durable materials for harsh conditions.

Product Details


The Raw Shield helps protect your Trackunit Raw device from harsh conditions on the job site.



Trackunit Raw Shield gives your hardware an extra level of protection in places where it could be exposed to high-pressure water or risk of physical damage.


Simple installation and versatile design allows you to attach to various flat surfaces and adapt to the needs of your job site.


Tech Specs

Dimensions: Shield: L: 156,2mm x W: 79,3mm x H: 33,7mm / Mount: H: 162 mm x W: 85 mm x T: 2,5 mm

Shield: Nylon PA6

Mount: Aluminum

What’s in the Box?

Raw Shield


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