Temperature Sensor

Thermal Informant


Obtain an accurate temperature reading in your environment.


Monitor temperature changes using Trackunit Manager.


Provide temperature documentation for reporting, and set alerts on changes.

Product Details


The Trackunit Temperature sensor is a durable and easy way to measure temperature conditions in your environment. Simply connect it to a Trackunit Raw device to start collecting temperature readings.



Accurate temperature sensing can be a crucial for meeting quality control requirements. The temperature sensor will also provide the necessary, precise documentation for customer or authority reporting.


Import temperature data to Trackunit Manager and set up alerts to get notified about unplanned temperature changes in your equipment environment. Combine temperature data with other machine insights to better understand causes of machine issues and get it back up and running.


Tech Specs

Material: Waterproof digital sensor molded in a stainless steel tube. UL-approved silicone rubber jacket.
Length: 1m, 4m, 12m, and 16m options
Outer diameter: 5.5 ±0,5 mm / 2.17 in. ±0.2 in.

M8 connector. For two sensors use M8 splitter (1:2)
1-Wire: standard 1-Wire interface
Range: -40°C to +85°C /-40°F to 185°F

-10°C to +85°C / 14°F to 185°F: ±0.5°C / ± 0.9°F
-30°C to -10°C / -22°F to 14°F: ±1°C / ±1.8°F
-40°C to -30°C / -40°F to -22°F: ±2°C / =/-3.6°F

What’s in the Box?

Temperature Sensor with M8 connector

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