Trackunit Raw

The Enabler of Full
Fleet Connectivity


Trackunit Raw is your first step towards a well-connected fleet. Find our best answers to commonly asked questions about Trackunit Raw.

Mounting and Installation

Trackunit Raw is made to connect to any type of powered equipment in your powered fleet. It’s simple and flexible to connect it to your machines wiring for any power source from 12 – 48 VDC, and small enough to place just about anywhere.

Once you have received your Trackunit Raw units contact Trackunit Support to receive an activation link to your email address. See our Help Center for details on the process. 

Follow these steps in our Help Center for full details on installation, and also see the Services –> Guides and Manuals in the Installation Guides section.

Once you have installed your Trackunit Raw, locate your unit in Trackunit Verify to review unit status and configuration. Visit our Help Center for further details.


The LED on the Raw unit provides you with a status indication on your unit’s GPS and GSM signal. See the Help Center for more details on the LED color and status indication

The expected lifetime of our hardware is 5+ years. However, across our 500,000+ connected assets are thousands of devices that are in operation for a decade or longer.


Raw offers all-in-one, secure and certified global coverage for your fleet…leveraging LTE Cat M1, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, and unique performance by design of the hardware, antenna and embedded firmware.

With an IP67 rating, Trackunit Raw is made and rate to withstand the harsh environments of construction. It is the most durable and robust piece of Trackunit hardware ever made.


Your warranty is outlined in the license agreement made with Trackunit.