Published: 22. July 2022

Product Updates April – June 2022

Our latest round of product updates are based on your feedback and fueled by our mission to eliminate downtime to make the construction industry the most useful in the world. In this article you’ll learn more about updated reports, usability improvements, and enhanced tracking, which enable you to get the most out of the platform and your business. To see what updates are coming up next, you can also check out the new Trackunit Product Portal.

Secure your fleet with improved reports

The migration of capabilities from Manager Classic to Trackunit Manager is in full swing, as we are evolving reports and making it easier and faster to get the information you need.

1. Incident Report

The Incident Report in Trackunit Manager is the new and improved version of the History Report previously available in Manager Classic. Construction equipment is extremely valuable and expensive, so it’s vital to be able to secure and maintain your fleet. We know that despite preventative measures, equipment can still get stolen, and accidents still happen. Fleet owners can now use this report to document these incidents and provide it to authorities or insurance companies as needed.

This report gives you the ability to:

  • Detect suspected theft by accessing past location and inputs
  • Provide evidence of device tampering with the light sensor ON/OFF
  • Document time, location, and inputs (e.g., seatbelt sensor) of an accident
    • Gather general troubleshooting and analysis of device data

For more details on how to create an Incident Report, you can use this Help Center article.

This report is available to anyone with an Insight subscription.

2. Performance Improvements

Along with launching new reports in Trackunit Manager, we are working to continually improve report performance to ensure the best experience for our users. We have been rolling out performance improvements under the hood by batching data related to reports. This update makes generating reports significantly faster and reduces unnecessary wait time.

Processing large amounts of data in reports is now at least 200% faster to save you time and make it simpler for those with large fleets to get access to the big picture. More specifically, the update has enabled the improvements below:

  • Minimum speed improvement: 7 sec → 2 sec (+240%)
  • Maximum speed improvement: 276 sec → 12 sec (+2250%)
  • Best improvement: Timeout → 20 sec (+∞%)

Manage your fleet at any size

For those with large and mixed fleets, it can be time consuming to find and pull the information for reports. We have launched a few new features to improve your experience and make it simpler to get the data you need.

1. Bulk Search

Getting the full picture of your fleet often means finding data from a large number of machines or equipment at once. Based on your feedback, we have made this process simpler by creating the ability to add multiple assets to a search at a time.

With this feature, you can copy/paste a comma-separated list of assets from other places like an ERP system or an excel file to search for many assets at once. Bulk search works for VIN, Unit serial numbers, and external references, making it easier for you to find your assets for tailored reports. For more instructions on how to use the Bulk Search feature, you can use this Help Center article.

This feature is available to all Trackunit Manager users.

2. Distribute Administrative capabilities

Managing a large fleet takes quite a bit of work, and collaboration is key. To enable you to distribute admin responsibilities within your business, we have created new administration features that allow you to manage users in your Trackunit Manager account. These features will replace the existing capabilities in Manager Classic so you can:

  • Invite new users to your account, and manage their access and permissions
  • Assign multiple admins to your account to allow more people in your organization to manage users, share and transfer assets, update metadata, and more
  • Control user permissions through roles, selecting what level of access they have to your fleet data
  • Share visibility and transfer ownership of Kin tagged assets to simplify your administrative workload. (More details on sharing and transferring assets can be found farther down in this article.)

These new capabilities will be available to all users with Admin access of a Trackunit Manager account. The new Administration page will replace the previous capabilities in Manager Classic, and the Classic portal will redirect you to the new page in Trackunit Manager.

For more details on how to manage users, you can read this Help Center article.

Track and locate assets at a glance

Locating assets is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks on a job site, so we are working to make that process as simple as possible. The updates below will make it faster and easier to find and collect missing or stolen assets.

1. Movement tab for Kin tagged assets

Locating non-powered assets on a jobsite can often lead to unnecessary downtime. Kin allows you to find your assets faster and get a full overview of your fleet, with any type of assets. Now with the new Kin movement tab you can go beyond current position by viewing past location data.

The movement tab opens up new possibilities for your business by seeing not only where your assets are, but where they have been. Now you can see where your Kin was last seen, what time it left a jobsite, when it arrived at a new location, and more. You can download this information in list or map form to recover lost items, inform location based billing, and simplify fleet management.

For more information on how to use this feature, you can check out this article in the Help Center.

The Movement tab is available for those with Collect and Insight subscriptions.

2. Updated direction button and address info in Asset Home

Tracking your assets is only half of the solution – you also need to find them. To improve this process we have updated the placement of the “Directions” button and address info on Asset Home. Once you select an asset, its current location and easy directions to reach it are now front and center. The Directions button opens up a Locator mode on your device to be able to find it quickly, and is available for both Machines and Kin tagged assets.

This update is available in the latest software update in the app store.

3. Share and transfer visibility of Kin tags

To find your assets, the right people need access to their location data. To facilitate simple sharing of data, we are introducing two new features in Trackunit Manager: Share Visibility and Transfer Assets.

Share Visibility gives you the ability to maintain ownership of an asset but give other accounts access to view its data. The recipient will be able to see data transmitted by the Kin tagged asset, but not be able to change anything about the asset like settings or metadata. You can share visibility with multiple accounts, or remove their access at any time as your needs change.

Transfer Assets allows you to transfer ownership of a Kin tagged asset to another account. The recipient will have full ownership and be able to edit the asset’s metadata, settings, and sharing permissions. When transferring assets, you can decide whether or not to keep visibility, so you can still see data transmitted by the asset if needed. Use this feature to manage a changing fleet and hand over administrative access to assets you no longer need to control.

These features are now live for Kin tagged assets, and will be available for Machines in the near future.

These capabilities can be found in Trackunit Manager in the Administration tab for anyone with Admin permissions, and will be discontinued in Manager Classic. The previous feature in Classic will redirect to the new Administration tab in Trackunit Manager.

For more details on how to share or transfer assets, check out this Help Center article

Want to know what’s coming up next?

Introducing: the Trackunit Product Portal. This new site will be the place to go to learn more about the next steps for our software, hardware, and platform solutions. Here you will be able to see product updates that will be coming in the next several months, and add comments or share feedback as we evolve.

The Product Portal is focused on the near future and will not show long-term plans for products, but will be a helpful way to see what is launching soon. The Help Center will still remain the place to go for troubleshooting or support with existing products.

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Published: 22. July 2022

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