Published: 12. February 2024
By Trackunit

Trackunit’s TU700 to help unlock innovation at the ‘Edge’

  • Trackunit launches new version of Raw to reinforce market-leading, IoT position
  • IoT-led device will enable wealth of data insights unlocking innovation at the ‘Edge’
  • Will deliver technological leap that will extend a new machine’s life beyond 2030
  • Parallel release of next-gen K300 keypad fosters seamless sharing opportunities
  • Fleets will be able to take big step towards 100% global coverage
  • Will dovetail with Access Management solution to foster sharing and improve safety

Global IoT player Trackunit has today launched its new-generation IoT device to the construction industry that will help unlock innovation at the ‘Edge’ and extend the life of a new machine significantly.

Trackunit’s TU700, the latest version of its Raw device, harnesses the power of IoT to deliver a leap in technical capability and new longevity that will facilitate the extension of machine life.

“TU700 is compatible with current and future platform services as part of a software architecture built with an extendable platform mindset and with 10 times the embedded product capability, users will see an immediate impact on the performance of their fleets,” said Lærke Ullerup, Trackunit’s Chief Marketing and Products Officer. “This is an IoT-led solution that is designed to adapt and evolve with future OEM services and is specifically engineered for the construction industry. We’re confident it will prolong the life of machines significantly.”

TU700 will also enable fleets to move towards 100% coverage offering global roaming, long-range Bluetooth support, and Wi-Fi ready capabilities with new self-service CAN configuration for equipment manufacturers that collects advanced machine data and translates them into insights on Iris. The launch of TU700 coincides with the introduction of the Trackunit Pass K300 keypad, enhancing all TU700-enabled machines that require operator intervention.

“With TU700, we’re bringing new machine data to the forefront, enhancing machine integration, and layering in insights through advanced Edge onboard processing,” said Ullerup. “Customers are asking for more data and this is an incredibly powerful, IoT-led dynamic that will help off-highway companies make better, multi-million dollar design decisions.”

Ullerup said TU700 would also dovetail neatly with Trackunit’s Access Management solution to incubate equipment sharing solutions and log incidents through a machine blackbox that, with K300, will enhance safety on site.

“We’ve ignited a revolution with TU700, transforming devices through seamless integration, effortlessly fusing innovation with adoption,” said Ullerup. “It signifies a notable technological leap, sets a new benchmark in the industry and puts the focus on simplicity, durability, scalability, and longevity, while prioritizing security and powerful performance.

“Users will be able to establish two-way communications with machines enabling operating characteristics to be defined remotely to maximize productivity at a jobsite,” said Ullerup. “Additionally, we will offer over-the-air updates for OEM ECU software, providing full-fleet remote management with robust and secure life-cycle management.

“As we unlock new data, it ensures even your most complex equipment is connected, greatly increasing your control over in-the-field decisions and improving your revenue baseline,” she added. “In the long term, this will help the industry in its battle to eliminate downtime and help restore the reputation of construction as a force for good in the world.”

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Global IoT services provider Trackunit connects construction through one platform to create a living, evolving ecosystem that delivers data and insights to the off-highway sector. With 2 million visible assets and counting connected, it uses technology to eliminate downtime, improve safety, and help customers improve the bottom line in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

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Published: 12. February 2024

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By Trackunit

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