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Trackunit’s New Product Portal Invites Customers and Partners to Co-develop to Accelerate and Scale New Developments

  • Industry first user-friendly Product Portal to further encourage a wider range of stakeholder inputs for new and existing products and solutions
  • AI and machine learning techniques being used to analyze data being generated to optimize Trackunit products and solutions for maximum user value
  • Collaboration between Trackunit and construction industry partners and customers has been a key strategy in movement to eliminate downtime

Aalborg, Denmark, July 26th, 2022, Trackunit, a leader in telematic services and devices, and the leading operating platform connecting construction to eliminate downtime, has announced the Trackunit Product Portal, an open, scalable forum for customers, partners, and the construction industry at large to collaborate with Trackunit on product updates and future product and services deployments.

David Swan, SVP Products, Trackunit said: “Innovation in the construction sector must be led by a clear understanding of both the need and the opportunity. Over the last decade, Trackunit has consistently engaged with a range of stakeholders, from OEMs and equipment rental companies to contractors and end users to gain first-hand feedback about whether our products and solutions deliver on the worksite, in the boardroom and on the bottom line. The Trackunit Product Portal will help us add more granularity and data to our development operations, to deliver optimized and more effective tools in all construction contexts.”

Rapidly expanding technology market must be market-led

The Trackunit Product Portal represents a first for the construction industry as the new entry point for wide scale structured collaboration it provides direct access to the company’s innovation engine room with a transparent view of product roadmaps. It is a demonstration of Trackunit’s trust in the industry’s capability to collaborate, which has been evidenced by successful alliances developed through the activities of the Eliminate Downtime Committee. The Product Portal creates the opportunity to share real-life user experiences, comments, and suggestions for planned, upcoming, and launched products in a user friendly and accessible user interface (UI).

David Swan, added, “We believe the Trackunit Product Portal is a highly innovative gateway to generate more collaboration with the market. This is the first time in the construction industry where a solutions developer has offered this degree of open access to interrogate product and service plans. We know that the larger the pool of feedback, the more comprehensive our product portfolio can become. We are confident that this additional capability will provide Trackunit with the scale to better align our product and customer vision.”

How does the Trackunit Product Portal work?

The Trackunit Product Portal webpage is accessed via this link. Users can select from a dropdown tab that corresponds to their needs and explore the product cards. Clicking on any card presents a description of the feature, the problem it will solve, the value it offers, and further details on use and operation.

Portal users can highlight how important a feature is to their needs and provide feedback as to its suitability and the problem it solves. This wealth of information is compiled and analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques, allowing the Trackunit development team to combine this with feedback from other sources including customer success teams and user workshops, to create a clear direction to move solutions forward.

David Swan concluded, “On any given day, Trackunit has around 40 engineering projects running in parallel, with constant software updates being shipped to customers. The Product Portal is how we are scaling this dialog, allowing customers direct interaction to help drive Trackunit’s product and service development, from planning new capabilities to updates on current platforms.”

Click the link to access the Trackunit Product Portal.

About Trackunit:

Trackunit is a technology company that orchestrates the data and infrastructure that connects construction.

The construction industry uses Trackunit’s software and IoT devices to connect to the ecosystem of construction from one platform connecting people, assets, and processes. Trackunit collects and analyzes machine data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive, and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven foresight.

Trackunit delivers an integrated operating platform with applications and services enabling construction professionals to increase business efficiency by optimizing machine utilization, operator safety, digitizing workflows, and ultimately eliminating downtime.

Trackunit promises to lead the technology engagement to help eliminate downtime. The mission is not only to recover from budget and schedule overruns but also to re-establish the reputation of the industry for innovation and leadership.

Trackunit services its customers worldwide from its offices in Denmark, Canada, Chicago, IL and Singapore, Sweden, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Australia, and Japan.

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Published: 26. July 2022

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