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Trackunit and the Industrial IoT Division of ZTR Exhibit Together at the ARA Show

LAS VEGAS, NV – October 18, 2021 – As announced in September, Trackunit and the Industrial IoT division of ZTR are uniting to put customer needs first. As a combined entity, the two telematics leaders will extend their core focus to elevate technology, expand service offerings, and increase the value customers extract from machine data. And now for the first time, the two companies are exhibiting together at the ARA show.

Effective November 18, 2021 the merger is expected to close with the promise of even better things to come. Construction and rental industry customers can expect greater data harmonization and expanded offerings with the newly created telematics company.

Making history with a focus on innovation, the two telematics providers are already working together for the benefit of customers. With direct and convenient access to the expertise on both sides, ARA show attendees can visit booth #3451 to see what we have to offer.

A shift in the market

The construction industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. With accelerated investment in IoT capabilities, construction is now one of the top five industries for investment growth. Data proliferation is expected to grow exponentially as penetration of connected equipment continues beyond 2025 and machine-level data grows. Trackunit and ZTR are teaming up to better help their customers meet the changes that come with increasing digitalization.

Taking asset tracking to the next level

Trackunit is taking major steps to move construction machines, equipment, and tools, both large and small, into a new phase of monitoring and analysis that will assist right-sizing of fleets to improve productivity across the construction supply chain.

At the ARA show in Las Vegas, Trackunit is demonstrating the latest Kin launch, notably – Asset Utilization – which offers users increased visibility into how tagged equipment is being used. This new capability is providing the industry with more data points from a greatly increased range of devices and redefining how assets and equipment are monitored and managed. Kin Asset Utilization collects movement data from tagged assets and shows users if equipment is being used – in real time.

Discussing the latest activities, Soeren Brogaard, CEO, Trackunit commented, “Construction continues to innovate and embrace technology on site and use the data generated to improve productivity. The launch of Asset Utilization for Kin is a big step to get more value out of your tools, equipment and attachments through a single, easy to use app, with all of your other equipment.”

Leveraging the network effect

The Kin tags leverage the company’s globally available mesh network, which offers the construction industry’s largest base of trackable devices. Kin is designed to connect to the company’s Raw (TU600) installed network of devices via the Trackunit Manager and the Trackunit Go app. Each connected tag links to the TU600 network already installed on machines, around the globe, connecting the user and expanding the data available for business insights.

Current construction industry studies indicate that site workers waste significant amounts of time searching for lost equipment, and one third of all annual tool purchases are the direct result of theft or loss, with only one fifth of lost equipment ever found. The Kin device resides within a platform to greatly increase the scope of data available to users and organizations and continues to enhance solutions in an evermore data-led construction market. Kin will continue to provide a channel for new applications to be developed to meet the needs of customers, to reduce loss and increase productivity.

For more details about the new features of Trackunit Kin, please visit Trackunit at Booth #3451 at ARA.

For more details about the current capabilities of Trackunit Kin, please visit

About Trackunit ApS

Trackunit is the leading SaaS-based IoT solution and machine insights provider to the global construction equipment industry. Trackunit collects and analyzes machine data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven foresight.

Trackunit promises to lead the technology engagement to help eliminate downtime. The ambition of this mission is not only to recover from budget and schedule overruns, but also to re-establish the reputation of the industry for innovation and leadership.

From operator safety and machine health to business optimization, Trackunit’s industry-leading telematics software, hardware and fleet management services benefit the everyday operations of the customers worldwide. Trackunit services its customers directly from its headquarters in Denmark, Chicago, IL and Singapore, as well as through subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, France, Holland, Germany, UK, Australia and Japan.

Visit to learn more.

About ZTR

ZTR is a global technology company that develops solutions for the compact construction industry. Known as a pioneer in the development industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the telematics provider delivers products and services that allow companies to remotely monitor and manage mobile as well as fixed assets.

Leading the industry in response to the need for richer machine data, greater uptime, and better insights, ZTR has designed new solutions that help Rental Companies, OEMs and end-users work together to operate smarter and easier. By listening and collaborating with its customers, ZTR takes on big industry challenges and opens pathways toward the continued digitalization of the construction sector.

ZTR Telematics Solutions easily integrate with industrial machinery and the business systems customers use every day so they can use the data to make decisions and react in real-time. With more than 450,000 telematics-enabled assets under contract, ZTR integrates with 150+ industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers, and many top rental houses worldwide.

The Rail division of ZTR will continue to operate independently. There will be no impact to its organization structure, customers or business operations as a result of this announcement. For more information visit

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Industrial IoT Division
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Published: 18. October 2021

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