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Eliminate Downtime Launches Blueprint for Sharing Data in Construction

Trackunit has published the ‘Blueprint for Data Sharing in Construction’ which explores how data sharing can maximize productivity gains across industry applications and eliminate downtime. The Blueprint is a curation of insights, concepts and use cases from the industry to stimulate ideas around shared data and inspire new product and service innovation.
  • Eliminate Downtime Blueprint provides insight into construction industry’s data sharing opportunities
  • Construction at a digitization tipping point
  • Open data systems and collaborative working are stepping-stones for investment, innovation and growth
  • Use cases and data sharing models reveal the business benefits of effective data collaboration

The Blueprint for Data Sharing in Construction is a collection of use cases and value propositions co-created by industry leaders. The findings are compiled from multiple hackathons and extensive field research undertaken over the past few months. The results come together as a framework of success elements for members of the industry to utilize data as a shared resource. It includes concrete prototypes on how to improve site safety, machine health and business processes to reduce waste and increase sustainability and profitability.

This industry report illustrates the close links between the various members in the construction ecosystem and how collaboration can be achieved through key contact points to reduce friction and increase early gains in business relationships. Creating a clear narrative, the report includes three parts: An introduction to Data Sharing in Construction, the Success Elements Framework and concludes with a chapter on actionable approaches allowing organizations to move data sharing forward.

Soeren Brogaard, CEO, Trackunit, stated. “We are at a unique place in time, where the adoption of digital technologies is making an increasing impact on the market. The Blueprint is our contribution to supporting companies and organizations in our industry to find a common language to talk about data sharing, and explore opportunities for partnerships and business impact in an increasingly digitized market environment.

Download the Blueprint here.

About Eliminate Downtime

Eliminate Downtime is a global movement that gathers the brightest minds of our industry to ask questions, discuss solutions and find the answers to how we can create an industry where a promise – once again – is a promise. Together we will eliminate downtime.

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Published: 15. June 2021

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