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Enterprise Vehicle Tracking: Telematics For Large Fleets

Published: 15. July 2022
By Trackunit
An enterprise vehicle tracking system is extremely valuable for large businesses and fleet managers. Connect your entire fleet with Trackunit.

Enterprise vehicle tracking is a process of monitoring the movement of company vehicles as they travel to various business locations. The data collected through this process can be used to improve fleet performance, improve driver safety, optimize routes, and reduce fuel usage. In recent years, enterprise fleet management has made it more affordable and easier to use, making it an increasingly popular solution for businesses of all sizes.

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The importance of utilizing enterprise vehicle tracking 

GPS tracking works by combining hardware devices installed on trucks, heavy machinery or equipment with cloud-based software. This software can be accessed from any internet-connected device in order to track a fleet.

The software includes an easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app that provides a wealth of information based on what you want to track. For example, you can view driver safety and performance, fuel efficiency and optimization, engine performance, geofences and route navigation, or vehicle condition and maintenance needs.

Elements of a GPS tracking system for enterprises

GPS vehicle tracking systems are extremely valuable for fleet managers. Installing a GPS tracker is useful for the organization to stay ahead of the curve. When evaluating a system, it’s important to consider these must-have features:

  • Real-time tracking: First and foremost, GPS tracking software should have real-time tracking capabilities. You can analyze the vehicle’s location and activities to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, the data can also be used to recover stolen assets or vehicles.
  • Optimize routes: Organizations can use route optimization to make informed decisions about the best routes for their fleet. This can reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Driver behavior monitoring: Monitoring driver behavior can eliminate bad driving habits such as harsh braking, over-speeding and distracted driving. Furthermore, evaluating the behavior of AI Dashcams and other technologies can proactively improve driver performance.
  • Customize alerts: The ability to customize alerts is a key feature of vehicle tracking systems. This allows you to monitor activities such as high idle times, fuel wastage, and when maintenance is required. This provides greater control and visibility of your fleet.

Get access to advanced fleet telematics with Trackunit

Trackunit Manager provides you with a total overview of your entire construction fleet. This solution gives you endless possibilities, where you can track every movement and feature with your own customizable dashboards. It utilizes GPS tracking and alerts to see where your fleet and equipment are located at any time of the day, which helps reduce idle time.

To effectively manage your fleet, you will need data. Data collection can happen through hardware installed directly onto your equipment or vehicles or through ISO feeds with compatible manufacturers.

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By Chi Sen Gay
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