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IoT in Construction: What Are The Applications and Benefits?

Published: 08. December 2021
By Trackunit

The sole purpose of using IoT in the construction industry is to use technologically connected equipment and software products to ensure optimal use of available resources with a complete technical plan and controlled construction costs.

IoT provides a location where equipment, material, and staff sync to a central server that regulates and monitors their activities in real-time. Today, many different devices have various applications in the construction industry.

The construction industry is growing to accommodate changes in our growing world. This means that new tactics, techniques, and technologies are emerging to function more efficiently and prevent the prevailing construction business challenges and concerns.

How can IoT be applied on construction sites?

To get a better understanding of exactly how IoT in construction works, here is a list of some practical ways that this technology is entering construction sites:

  • Site monitoring: Construction managers get real-time information and insights on workers and machinery.
  • Machine control: IoT sensors guide machinery with greater precision without the need for human involvement.
  • Construction site safety: Safety measures are enhanced with a combination of AI and IoT, which helps ensure safety for workers.
  • Fleet management: IoT can be used with optimizing fleet management like transit routes and vehicle maintenance.
  • Project management: IoT devices can help reduce costs by reducing site monitoring which also helps optimize budgets.
  • Wearables for construction workers: Different wearables can warn when workers are near a dangerous zone. It can offer real-time instructions on how to finish tasks safely and efficiently, and it can assist in determining the real-time location of an injured worker.

What are the benefits of IoT in the construction industry?

Generally, the IoT revolution is already underway, and it is beginning to transform industries across all sectors. Also, we are starting to see how its unique advantages like increased connectivity, machine-to-machine communication, data analytics, and edge computing will create substantial benefits for both companies and society as a whole. There are various benefits for construction companies to take advantage of using IoT, including:

Management resources and budgeting

Very often, the most difficult task of any construction company is managing its budget. Frequently, available resources are not handled in line with their actual worth, workers are idle, and the true value of the use of rented equipment is not correctly assessed. However, IoT can assist with real-time tracking and generate a clear plan of advanced budgeting in a single step. This is done by adopting the most practical techniques to reduce project costs with timely deliveries of new equipment and other assets. Also, IoT can assist in making plans by tracking available resources, maximizing their value, and reducing idle time.

Handling safety issues

The construction industry is known for one of the higher fatal injury rates worldwide. Protocols and safety checklists can help prevent workplace injuries, yet, workers are often unaware of them and fail to comply with the guidelines. IoT could help site managers provide the workforce with real-time education, reducing the number of injuries in the industry.

Waste management is necessary

Construction business owners must dispose of trash and recycle waste correctly. This means that construction managers should also consider fuel costs for logistic operations, the requirement to document trash disposal, and choose the most economical recycling techniques.

​Future aspects and predictions of IoT in construction

We might be in the early stages of the emergent stages of industrial IoT, yet, it will likely make a big impact in the future. More routine tasks are becoming automated, which means that the future construction site could look very different. To keep up with this development and to fully capitalize on these advancements, it is required that we equip the workforce with the skills needed to use this new technology.

We already see how tools with IoT capabilities are used to improve maintenance and monitor the real-time status of equipment and machines. This also means that digital skills will become a much sought-after requirement for people in construction companies.

There are many reasons why companies should embrace IoT in construction. From site monitoring to surveys, data from sensors can improve key stages of a construction project, reduce project delays, optimize budgets and provide the catalyst for leaner ways of working.

According to McKinsey, the construction industry has been slow to adopt and benefit from new technologies such as IoT. The sector is heavily under-digitized, and many construction companies fail to grasp the full potential of new technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and other digitized tools as drivers for growth and efficiency. However, it does seem like companies in this industry are aware of the need to become more digitized and aware of the benefits these technologies provide.

How Trackunit provides solutions for construction companies

We partner with companies to identify and fulfill their digital strategy by applying co-creation and state-of-the-art technology. Our IoT services collect and analyze data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive, and predictive information, empowering our customers with data-driven solutions.

We promise to eliminate downtime by 2025. The ambition of this mission is not only to recover from budget and schedule overruns but also to re-establish the reputation of the industry for innovation and leadership.

From operator safety and machine health to business optimization, our industry-leading telematics software, hardware and services benefit the everyday operations of construction industry customers worldwide from OEM to operator.

We service our customers directly from our global hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia. Are you interested in learning how your company can benefit from IoT in construction? Get contacted by us here.

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