The consequences of not investing

The rise of telematics and the Internet of Things IoT within the construction industry is happening right now! For the Contractor, considering the return of investment in fleet telematics and services, it can be complex to understand the full scope of the technology and thereby the countless possibilities within the solution to secure the right fit in the first place. Too often the main focus is therefore on insecure investment calculations based on narrow insight.

Resulting in an endless series of discussions on whether to invest or not invest in machine digitalization and telematics solutions. The contractor should consider the corporate price of stagnation. The opportunities of use-cases are massive, and IoT based solutions has proved to be a profitable investment, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for construction fleets based on data and analytics enabling predictive maintenance.

The journey began with simple GSM/GPS systems developed to identify equipment location and prevent theft, has evolved into one of the deepest applications of IoT in the construction industry. Leveraging Controlled Area Network (CAN bus), grant access to a nearly endless suite of machine data. In addition to the advanced machine data, new technologies are dramatically increasing the possibility to include even low valued and non-powered equipment to “talk” and provide relevant data into the construction IoT eco-system.

While machine and equipment telematics is no news to the construction industry, the way new telematics technologies and machine data will be utilized is entirely new to the industry. It is no longer a matter of collecting advanced raw machine data in large amounts, and wirelessly transferring all the data back to a server.

It is a matter of collecting the correct data, using the right telematics technology, and focusing on solving real pain points, by using the construction IoT possibilities with a common-sense approach.

Just reach out to your preferred telematics provider for assistance, consultancy and guidance to support your business towards the next generation construction telematics IoT.