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Published: 07. December 2021
By Trackunit
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Fleet Analytics: Utilize Your Fleet Capabilities Properly

Any organization that uses heavy machinery and vehicles to function engages in fleet operations and fleet management. Fleet analytics aims to oversee all fleet performance and maintenance to increase efficiency and productivity and help your business run as smoothly as possible.

What are the benefits of fleet analytics?

Newer advances in technology and more widespread adoption of construction equipment telematics have paved the way for companies of different sizes to access and utilize data and fleet analytics. You can use fleet management solutions to improve machine health and maintenance, increase safety and visibility on construction sites, and lower administrative costs for projects.

There are various benefits of using the proper software that can give you an overview of your fleet. From GPS location tracking and improving maintenance schedules to understanding asset utilization and eliminating downtime, you have the opportunity to gain a significant competitive advantage over other companies that have not yet adopted the use of telematics. For example, you will be able to:

Track vehicles and equipment

Perhaps the most substantial aspect of fleet management software is the fleet tracking system. This makes it possible to track fleet vehicles, assignments, and routes, essential for any fleet manager. It is important to ensure that every vehicle and piece of equipment are where they are needed.

Cut costs

With fleet analytics, you can find plenty of methods to cut costs by tracking your fleet. One way is by increasing fuel efficiency since fuel costs are a large drain on a company’s budget.

Increase safety

The top priority of any fleet should always be safety. Safety is an important step as it keeps drivers from getting injured, and it plays a role in workers’ productivity.

Anticipate maintenance

Vehicle wear and tear is unavoidable, and it is an everyday concern for fleet managers. You will have a competitive advantage if you can stay on top of vehicle maintenance by ensuring your vehicles’ longevity.

Get an overview of your fleet and equipment

Heavy equipment, vehicles, and smaller assets are the core of any company in the construction industry. That is why using telematics and fleet analytics is important as it provides you with an overview of your operations. Trackunit Manager can help you with an overview of your fleet.

Utilizing GPS tracking and alerts, you can see where your heavy equipment is located at any time of the day, which helps reduce idle time. Besides providing you with an overview, fleet analytics is also helpful in preventing theft, giving you a better chance of finding a stolen vehicle by tracking its location.

Telematics solutions from Trackunit

To effectively manage your fleet, you will need data. Data collection can happen through hardware installed directly onto your equipment or vehicles, or it can happen through ISO feeds with compatible manufacturers. By implementing telematics on your fleet and using fleet analytics to leverage the collected data, you can make processes more efficient and effective while also increasing the value of your construction equipment and machinery.

Raw data can be challenging to make sense of, taking time away from tasks like fleet operations. However, equipment management software can take the data and present it, so it is easy to understand for fleet managers, equipment operators, and technicians to make decisions that will benefit your business. Get contacted today.

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Published: 07. December 2021

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By Trackunit


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