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Published: 18. January 2022
By Trackunit
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Enterprise Fleet Maintenance: Keep Your Fleet Well Maintained With Telematics

Your fleet of vehicles is one of your greatest investments. This means taking proper care of them is essential to managing a productive enterprise. Without a proactive approach to enterprise fleet maintenance, you risk compromising your employees’ safety and failing inspections, which results in emergency repairs and unexpected downtime.

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How to get the most out of enterprise fleet maintenance

Investing in preventive maintenance means getting the most out of your vehicles. Proper maintenance extends equipment’s longevity. A good place to start is following the service schedule provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer. However, depending on your fleet’s specific needs, you may need to get your vehicles serviced more often than the manufacturer advises.

Fleet tracking software helps managers stay on top of maintenance schedules by automatically tracking different metrics like mileage, fuel consumption, and engine hours, thus making it easier to know when each vehicle is expected for repairs.

This allows managers to effectively prepare their asset usage, budget, and staffing while preventing wasted time and wages. It also helps vehicles stay in good conditions for longer periods, promoting the equipment’s overall ROI.

What are the benefits of fleet maintenance for enterprises?

Preventive enterprise fleet maintenance saves you money. A well-maintained vehicle uses less fuel, breaks down less often, and helps decrease your operating cost. With a proactive approach, you can prevent problems in their tracks before they escalate to safety hazards.

A good fleet maintenance program will concentrate on preventive maintenance so that issues rarely occur. Here are a few elements you should focus on:

Low cost of repairs

An enterprise fleet maintenance timetable also serves to lower the costs of repairs. As an example, maintaining a vehicle’s engine might be expensive in the short term but not as expensive as replacing the entire engine.

Lower operational costs

Besides lower repair costs, conducting preventive maintenance on your enterprise fleet can reduce operating expenses. When vehicles run at maximum efficiency, they use less fuel and keep their worth. A well-maintained vehicle will cost less than a nonfunctional one in almost all cases.

Better results in testing and inspections

Enterprise fleet maintenance results in better vehicle testing and inspections. Regular maintenance on your fleet omits the need for corrective action while making your vehicles safer for your drivers and everyone else on the construction site.

Let Trackunit handle your enterprise fleet maintenance

Trackunit Go is your digital assistant that makes your job on the construction site much more efficient. Our solution provides you with a full overview of your fleet, informing you about equipment in need of immediate care. Therefore, ensuring that you always stay one step ahead of potential breakdowns.

With consistent machine monitoring and smart notifications on maintenance, inspections, and damages, Trackunit Go helps you keep your fleet up and running at maximum speed.

Also, Trackunit Go provides you with a range of tools and features – all designed to make your job easier and more efficient. You can dig deep into each piece of equipment’s previous events, such as CAN-faults, pre-checks, damage reports, overrun services – and much more.

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Published: 18. January 2022

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By Trackunit


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