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Published: 22. May 2023
By Trackunit
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5 Tips for Better Equipment Management in Construction

Businesses in the construction industry depend on equipment and vehicles that are critical to their day-to-day operations. With them, completing tasks on the construction site can be more convenient and efficient. However, construction equipment also tends to have upkeep costs that add to significant expenditures if left unchecked.

As a result, it’s part of any construction company’s best practices to maintain an effective plan for managing construction equipment. While it might seem impractical at first glance, given the difficulty of tracking and scheduling maintenance for vehicles scattered across several locations. But construction management software can simplify the process and promote efficiency by automating and assisting fleet managers in addressing key issues promptly.

Using software like Trackunit Manager for construction equipment management means fleet managers can also implement several helpful strategies to streamline processes and improve cost margins. Here are some tips for managing construction equipment to boost productivity and growth.

Make Use of Efficient Inventory Tracking

Construction equipment management tends to hit a snag when managers lose track of equipment or spend considerable time and resources tracking individual units down. Work progress is often stalled or set back considerably until the unit is located and brought on-site. Keeping track of construction site equipment is critical for smooth and efficient operations. Using the right management software can offer functionality such as GPS tracking, allowing managers to locate units and track them as they are transported to and from the necessary locations.

Track Data and Statistics from Equipment Usage

Information gathered from the fleet’s construction vehicles and equipment can be an incredible asset if used correctly. Using accurate information and numerical outputs on various aspects of performance means managers can mark trends and adjust usage practices accordingly to take a more strategic approach toward improvement.

Managers can also glean several useful insights from equipment data that they can leverage toward long-term cost-cutting and streamlined expenditures. And in most cases, the most effective way to gather and process this data is through construction equipment management software; doing so allows managers to access tailor-made solutions that assist managers in determining strategies to improve their workflow even further.

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Wear and tear is a natural part of construction equipment management, and it’s worth noting that no amount of inspections and maintenance can guarantee managers will avoid equipment failure or a breakdown when work is in progress.

Yet they’re still one of the best ways to minimize disruptions due to vehicle breakdowns, and proper maintenance with inspections to pre-emptively discover problems go a long way towards preserving the longevity and performance of the vehicle fleet.

One of the best approaches is creating a proper checklist during maintenance and inspections, ensuring consistency and constant awareness of potential issues before they spiral into bigger problems. Construction equipment maintenance software can be a big help for managers that want regular reminders, automated scheduling, and real-time insight into when individual vehicles are up for inspection.

Ditch Paperwork and Go Digital

Any construction company looking to improve its heavy equipment management efficiency should already be paperless if not already making the switch. Efficiency is driven by accuracy, and for any company managing construction site equipment, it’s important to have the correct data to perform their job. But this data is vulnerable to being misplaced or misquoted unless stored digitally.

A digital system eliminates the need for paper documentation and ensures that managers can store all data in a secure yet easily accessible manner. This data can also easily be shared with relevant parties quickly and effectively, streamlining and expediting day-to-day functions. It can also help expedite the process of forecasting equipment needs and outlining maintenance schedules.

Invest In Proper Construction Equipment Management Software

With construction industry costs climbing higher each year, management software is an invaluable asset for any construction company looking to improve its efficiency and cost-effectiveness in today’s market. Several benefits, from inventory control and vehicle tracking to alerts and data analysis, can make it much easier for fleet managers to see the big picture.

In most cases, using software like Trackunit Manager means happier employees, improved productivity, reduced costs, and more efficient, streamlined processes. It is extremely helpful for improving overall fleet performance and can make it much easier to provide investors and stakeholders with data-driven insight into performance over time.

Discover Trackunit and Empower Your Digital Journey

Using telematics and data-driven insights to drive your construction equipment management has never been easier than with Trackunit and its various offerings. Fleet managers will find direct access to several beneficial functions that assist them with tracking statistics, such as fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, vehicle performance, and more.

With a mission to improve connectivity across the various sectors of the construction industry, Trackunit offers one of the top operating platforms to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn more about how we can help elevate your management system.

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Published: 22. May 2023

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By Trackunit


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