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With Contractor Stena Recycling Norway

Weeding Out Manual Tasks to Increase Efficiency

On the hunt for technology that could replace their paper checklists and manual processing, Stena Recycling Norway found Trackunit. Although the aim was not always to digitize, technology has become a centerpiece of the organization. They sought to replace wasted time, with added value.


Many man-hours were spent collecting and processing checklists that were manually filled out. Checklists would be entered into an Excel file, where the data would be siloed. It was not productive and left them thinking that there must be a more efficient way to do this.


To get away from paper forms and tedious, time-consuming tasks, Stena Recycling needed to:
  • Create digital checklists that could easily be stored and used
  • Be able to use these reports to create valuable insights
  • Find a solution that could be used on their entire fleet
“We wanted to get rid of all the non-productive time. Digitization was really not the goal in itself; however, it has proven to be the perfect means to our efficiency goal.”

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway


The solution needed to encompass their entire ecosystem. The telematics providers that they had met with were unable to provide this service. But, Trackunit provided sturdy hardware and user-friendly software that was able to meet their needs. This, combined with the people involved, struck a chord with Stena Recycling.


What began as a search to replace hand-written forms with electronic checklists that could be used to create value, quickly became much more.

Stena Recycling has been able to get rid of non-productive time and increase efficiency through partnerships and open communication. They now have the tools to move forward and create value.

“Telematics has enabled us to get rid of a lot of waste and instead create value. So now we fill up the waste time with value time.”

Mattias Sohl, SWOB Manager Norway


No material in our world is fully utilized. Stena Recycling Norway ensures that these materials are put to better use through recycling, providing their customers with raw materials. Recycling up to 6 million tons of material per year, they need to have a great overview and control over their fleet.

Company size

3,500+ employees (worldwide)



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