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With Rental Company Plantforce Rentals

Working as a Team to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Locating and providing a machine’s whereabouts sparked Plantforce’s initial interest in telematics and improved the customer experience. But empowering customers to take full control of their rental fleets would require data saturation and deeper trust.


Their customer-oriented processes were labor-intensive, time-consuming, and financially costly. They needed better data that would create more value internally and for their customers.

“Machine data is now more important than the machine itself, and the data we are able to provide gives our customers endless possibilities”

Ryan Pike, Operations Manager


Locating machines, which was previously challenging, was now a tool that increased efficiency. To keep moving forward, Plantforce wanted to:
  • Increase the transparency of their processes
  • Increase customer trust
  • Enable customers to take full control of their rental fleets
  • Increase savings on money, labor, and time


Together with Trackunit, Plantforce began structuring data and gained more valuable insights. By staying focused on the end-user, they could demonstrate which data would make customers more efficient and how. They could rent a machine to their customer, with full confidence in the machine’s capabilities. Knowing that if something were to happen to the machine, they could quickly take action.


The focus on customers, coupled with insights, strong collaborations, and increased trust, meant that Plantforce could be transparent about their processes. 

Customers could take full control of a rented machine through Trackunit’s systems, enabling Plantforce to provide more value.

“The trusted relationship between Trackunit and Plantforce has enabled us to build something very special.”

Ryan Pike, Operations Manager

The partnership that pushes to continuously innovate has given Plantforce the ability to provide a great customer experience. It has also allowed them to believe in their capabilities and search for solutions that aren’t the norm in the industry. They’re able to push the boundaries of the rental industry and work towards eliminating downtime.


Located in the United Kingdom, Plantforce provide rental services to the industry. They have a short, but action-packed history and are continuously growing. They embrace technology and believe in building a well-rounded solution that works for them, their customers, and the industry.

Company size

170+ employees



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