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With Contractor Obrascón Huarte Lain (OHL)

Eliminating the Guessing Game: Maintenance and Service

Tracking a mixed fleet of heavy equipment and machines without the help of telematics can become a guessing game. When you have a fleet as large as OHL’s working on job sites all over the world, guaranteeing their maintenance and service is the key to success.


Extending the life of a construction machine can save rental companies, like OHL, thousands. But to extend that life, equipment must be maintained and serviced on time. OHL was in a situation where they were unsure of when or if machines were being serviced or maintained.


Some machine service was going unreported or being skipped entirely. To solve this, OHL needed to be able to:
  • Pull reports on the maintenance of machines
  • Discover breakdowns in their existing plans
  • Uncover patterns for what kind of break downs were happening the most
“Without telematics, it’s basically a guessing game.”

Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager


Trackunit created clarity for OHL. Machine maintenance and service were no longer guesswork. OHL was able to pull up-to-date reports on their machine health. Uncovering undiagnosed problems, allowing machines to be reviewed for serviceability and safety.


The ability to generate reports on the health of machines solved a set of problems that were costing them time and money. A clear understanding of what underlying faults the machines had, meant that OHL was able to extend the life of their equipment.

Understanding the problem is the first step in the right direction. With telematics, OHL uncovered hidden problems with their machines. OHL now has the tools necessary to prevent breakdowns and increase the health of their fleet.

“If you spread the access to data out over many pieces of machinery across the US, it saves us a lot of time and money and increases the amount that each machine can do.”

Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager


Obrascón Huarte Lain (OHL) Construction is one of the largest contractors in the world, doing business in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. They have a long legacy, with over a century of experience. But this legacy has not stopped them from a digital future.

Company size

26,000+ employees



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