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Going Above and Beyond: How Leadway Offers a Great After Sales Experience

Managing a small fleet is doable without telematics. But when your fleet starts to grow, data becomes a necessity. Leadway Heavy Machinery quickly realized this and took action to help the company and its customers.


For Leadway, the sale of a machine is not the end of the customer’s journey. Instead, it offers service, maintenance, and financing of the customer’s newly purchased heavy machinery. Yet, it found itself in a difficult situation. A lack of understanding of how customers used machines led to little knowledge of when service was necessary. It led to disagreements about payments, phone calls to solve disputes, and many hours traveling between customers to service machines around the country.

This process was time-consuming and costly.

“Leadway was blind when it came to understanding machine utilization or health. We didn’t know anything about the machines.”

Jimmy - Chakart Seanchan, CEO


Leadway needed to minimize the time and money spent on unnecessary service trips and disputes with customers. It was looking for a solution which:
  • Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of service trips
  • Gives insight into machine utilization
  • Allows technicians to understand a potential problem before arriving at a customer


With data transmission restrictions in Thailand, Leadway Heavy Machinery’s telematics options were limited. But because Trackunit uses a SIM-card based telematics device, it posed to be a great fit. Along with this benefit, Trackunit’s close collaboration with OEM providers means that Leadway can easily connect to its mixed fleet of machines.


Following the implementation of Trackunit, Leadway Heavy Machinery has provided its customers with better service. Trackunit has made it possible for Leadway to group machines, making technicians more efficient and effective when completing service calls. Increases in efficiency and effectiveness have led to lower costs and have given the technicians a better overview of when machines need servicing.

Leadway provides comfort to its customers through predictive maintenance planning and troubleshooting from a distance. Using telematics to access the machine’s usage hours can help predict when they need maintenance, allowing Leadway to proactively monitor machines. By understanding machine utilization, Leadway’s technicians can get a better understanding of what problem the machine might be experiencing. The technicians can then quickly fix the problem and have the customer up and running again.

“Without data, you’ll never know the truth about your machines. Trackunit is a great investment for your future and your growth.”

Jimmy - Chakart Seanchan, CEO

Investing in telematics has had significant benefits for both Leadway and its customers. By keeping service schedules in check and increasing insight into machine utilization, Leadway reduces the time spent on maintenance calls and service runs. As a result, Leadway Heavy Machinery and its customers can eliminate downtime.

If you would like to know more about how Trackunit can help your business, you can request a demo from one of our experts, here.


Leadway Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service, heavy machinery distributor based in Thailand. It deals in a variety of machines, from excavators to mining equipment. Thinking outside of the box, caring for the future, and doing the right thing is at the top of the company’s promises.

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