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Seamless Machine Handovers With a Full Fleet Overview

Heitkamp & Hülscher initially came to Trackunit through Dreyer & Timm, it had units installed and had already experienced telematics firsthand.


As a forward-thinking company, it was looking to expand its fleet telematics capabilities, building on the systems already in place. With construction projects spread across a large area, Heitkamp & Hülscher needed reliable insights on machine status and location to work efficiently.

Heitkamp & Hülscher has a strong employee-oriented philosophy, so it was important to have a solution that would offer transparency and value to its everyday users.

Working across multiple sites, teams are often exchanging equipment but it wasn’t always correctly documented. It led to machines going missing and employees spending valuable time on the phone trying to locate the right equipment.

“We have always been a very future-oriented business when it comes to digitization. Having real-time machine insight is not just a nice add-on – it’s fundamental to how we work.”

Clemens Sieverding, Business Area Manager Civil Engineering


Especially in asphalt building, construction site locations change all the time. Machines are often transported during the night so they are ready to be used at the new site the next morning. External drivers needed to know the exact location of the machines so they can find and pick up the correct machines. It was especially cumbersome when machines were left in unexpected locations, requiring late-night phone calls and coordination.

Heitkamp & Hülscher required a system that would:
  • Provide a transparent solution for employees
  • Give an overview of machine location to make handovers efficient
  • Send an alert when machines would be located outside of a designated area


Today Heitkamp & Hülscher uses Trackunit Manager and Go to easily locate machines, set up geofencing, and use other alarms. The app allows people who are transporting machines to get direct access to the correct machine location and ensures nothing is left behind. Setting up users is easily done in the back office.

Workshop employees are using Trackunit Go to determine if machines are due for maintenance and service calls and if they have been captured and allocated to the right cost centers. Telematics data from various manufacturers are brought together in one system and portal.

Machines are grouped according to operating division, making it easy to filter out relevant machines for asphalt, earthworks, or road construction. This gives quick, real-time information on the location and status of machines for everyone using the system. The tracking function enabled Heitkamp & Hülscher to find a stolen machine, so it was ready for use after only one day.

“It is very easy to manage the different users in the system. We can activate users, edit access authority, or delete them – simple, fast, and autonomously.

Clemens Sieverding, Business Area Manager Civil Engineering


Today about 25 people are actively using the app with high satisfaction. In the future, Heitkamp & Hülscher wants to expand capabilities so that 70 people have access to the app and data.

Heitkamp & Hülscher is currently also working to further increase its integration with its ERP system via APIs to have an all-around digital solution. Heitkamp & Hülscher is setting an example for the digitized construction industry and is ready to keep moving forward with telematics.


Heitkamp & Hülscher is a true infrastructure expert with core competencies in canal, road, and asphalt construction, civil engineering as well as power line construction. The company is known beyond the borders of the North Rhine-Westphalia region where it has its headquarters. With a highly modern fleet and over 60 years of experience, Heitkamp & Hülscher places quality work and customer satisfaction at the very heart of their business.

Company size

100+ employees



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