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Published: 03. December 2021
By Trackunit
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Asset Tracking Hardware: Manage and Track Every Asset

With asset tracking hardware, you can track every construction vehicle and asset in your inventory. Many businesses have multiple tracking devices and systems in place that are costly and inefficient in the long run. Trackunit provides a single solution with all of your data gathered in one place.

For years, telematics has been used in the logistics industry to determine the location of trucks, equipment, containers, and other assets. This technology also serves a similar purpose in the construction industry. Asset tracking helps you with improved security and protection against theft, misuse, and unlicensed use of your vehicles.

You can also take a closer look at the data that asset tracking devices provide to determine whether your equipment is being efficiently and intelligently used. For example, you can track your assets’ idle time, which can help you decide whether you can increase its productivity or if your assets should be placed on another site where it can provide additional value.

If you manage a fleet of off-highway vehicles, you must know where everything is located and what your assets are doing. Our asset tracking solution helps you do just that. You can sign up for our demo here. You can also compare our different solutions so you can find the best solution for your business; check them out here.

What are the benefits of asset tracking?

With the right asset tracking solutions for your business, there are a lot of benefits you can look forward to. Here are a few examples of these benefits:

Know where your vehicles and equipment are located:

Idle or underutilized crews and machines are costly. With an asset management system, you can see what is happening and where it is happening so you can make more informed resource decisions. You can track assets by mileage or hours used, and you can also see if assets are just sitting idle so you can respond appropriately.

Telematics systems help you determine how useful each machine is:

By looking into this information, you can decide if your equipment allocation strategy is accurate or if you need to make any necessary adjustments. This means you can save time, improve efficiency, reduce project completion times, and achieve your other important goals.

Increase the uptime of your assets:

Sudden and unexpected breakdowns can lead to missed deadlines, lost revenue, and unhappy customers. Construction equipment telematics can keep you updated on maintenance needs, and it can also help you schedule services proactively.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use:

Assets with a high value in the field are attractive targets. With a GPS asset tracking system for all of your assets, you can then be alerted to unauthorized access any time of day or night.

What should I look for in my asset tracking hardware?

Are you unsure of what you should look for in your new asset tracking hardware? A good tracking solution for your construction equipment helps you track the location of all of your assets in real-time, it monitors equipment status and utilization, tracks engine usage, and it improves preventative maintenance.

  • Here is a list of what you should be looking for:
  • Real-time GPS tracking of off-highway vehicles, equipment, and other assets
  • The last location of assets
  • The speed and direction – if the asset is moving
  • Information about the engine
  • Alarms
  • Geofence boundaries, including entrances and exits

A proper asset tracking system is a great way to ensure that your fleet operates efficiently with minimal downtime. This way, you can be efficient and effective while minimizing lost time and inflated budgets.

For more information about asset tracking hardware, visit the Trackunit products page.

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Published: 03. December 2021

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By Trackunit


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