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Construction Equipment Tracking Software: Powerful and Flexible Services for Your Business

While the construction industry has been lagging compared to various parts of the economy, we see significant growth in equipment tracking solutions, increasing business project opportunities. Today, construction data is more relevant than ever. It provides many opportunities and advantages to companies across the industry and solutions to fleet managers, contractors, operators, or anybody involved in a construction project.

Get useful insights from construction equipment tracking software

Construction companies around the world can employ construction equipment tracking software to track the movement of tools, workers, machinery, and vehicles across different construction sites. When applied correctly, equipment tracking can provide you with useful insights that can reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. For example, you can benefit from:

Real-time insights of equipment lifecycle and costs

You can make data a part of your procurement planning process with automated utilization reports. By understanding which pieces of equipment are not in use or are underutilized, you can reallocate this piece of equipment before purchasing or renting additional machinery.

Improved asset security and overview

With real-time GPS tracking and geofence alerts, you can prevent loss and theft of equipment and unnecessary equipment transfers to and from different construction sites. Also, with enhanced connectivity, no construction site is too remote.

Planned preventative maintenance

You can spot potential issues earlier to prevent or minimize downtime. Customizable dashboards and alerts provide an easily accessible approach to live performance by highlighting abnormal conditions. Meanwhile, historical data provides insights to help you plan preventative maintenance.

Raw data can be challenging and troublesome to understand. Construction equipment management software can take data and present it in an easy-to-understand manner that fleet managers, equipment operators, and technicians can use to make decisions that will improve your business.

Trackunit provides solutions for construction companies

Vast amounts of data and information require data scientists with the necessary skills to detect patterns and make sense of abstract numbers. However, data scientists do not necessarily have the industry-specific knowledge to understand and determine the right solutions. Yet, it is possible to bridge this gap by bringing together advanced analytical skills with construction-specific knowledge. This is where we come in.

We have teams that work together directly with customers and industry professionals. We constantly improve to deliver construction data services that matter to everyone on construction sites and your overall company strategy. Actionable insights and reliable solutions are what we strive for.

With Trackunit Go, you can identify warning signs of potential machine breakdowns before they happen. Trackunit Manager makes it possible for you to map and track every movement of every piece of equipment.

We are here for you to talk about how our services and products help your company get more out of construction data. Get in touch with us.

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Published: 09. December 2021

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